Build Disciples In The Digital Age

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Be where your people are


Discipleship begins with Connection

Finding a new church can be a hard, scary and tiresome process. So let’s not make it any harder!

Get Connected

Take all the information a visitor might need and put it in one easy to find place. Use this tool to share service times, locations, and put any of your custom forms, such as your ‘Connect Card’. And with the aware3 communication features, follow-up is easier than ever!

You have a lot going on and it’s a lot to keep track of. Now people can get all the details for church events in the app. You can even add the event to your own calendar on your phone so you never miss out. 


Group Finder

Make finding a group easy. Allow people to easily find groups and all the important details like group description, time, location, day, and even send the leader a message.  Do it all in one place!

Discipleship Requires Involvement

There are hundreds of ways people can engage with your church. Whether it is involving their children, attending an event, or asking for prayer, discipleship involves ongoing engagement. 


Sunday mornings can be crazy with kids. Rushing out the door, the back seat arguments about who is touching whom and the long lines to register for Sunday School. Now, you can check in for Sunday School in the car on your way.  A few more minutes in the morning is our gift to you.

Parent’s night out, the Guatemala Missions Trip and the Youth Group Ski trip all have one thing in common: Registration. Now, you can manage all the registration needs, including payment in your app.

Register with Payments

Prayer Requests

When life throws something your way and you need some prayer support, it can be anytime and any day. Using this feature, you can request prayer when you need it most.

Grow Disciples with Spiritual Investment

Interactive Sermon Notes

You can put your sermon notes or even your whole bulletin in your app. Additionally, you can make them interactive, providing links to additional reading, space for notes, and fill in blanks to keep people engaged. People can even refer back to them at a later date instead of sticking them in their bible or forgetting them in pew.


You can’t build disciples without the Bible. Using this feature, you can provide weekly reading plans, videos, and devotions. This allows you to engage with the same content, fostering group discussion and further engagement.

Listen and Watch

Now, if you miss a Sunday, you don’t have to miss out. Life happens. Sometimes you just can’t make it there, but you can still stay engaged. Within your app, you can live stream, watch previous services or listen to audio podcasts to stay connected. Share impactful content with others or rewatch your favorite content again.

Grow your impact by connecting with people where they are; on their devices. Make engagement simple using painless forms and communication tools and deepen people’s spiritual journey with discipleship content.


Discipleship Requires Involvement

Discipleship begins with Connection

Grow Disciples with Spiritual Investment