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Triple-Threat Giving Integration: Aware3, Church Community Builder, BluePay

Earlier this week we announced our integration with BluePay and the feedback from our church partners has been amazing.  If you’re interested in learning more about what we mean when we say “integration,” please see our previous blog.

Allow us to paint a clear picture of what we mean by “Triple-Threat Giving Integration” and what it means to your ministry. Our ability to integrate your branded church app with both Church Community Builder and BluePay will make a world of difference in how giving is done in your church – from the giver’s perspective as well as from your administrators’ perspective.

Three of the most critical systems of your ministry are working together for a common goal: growing your ministry. Your Aware3 app puts your church in the hands of your fellowship anytime/anywhere.  Church Community Builder manages the moving parts of your back office. Bluepay processes the financial support – the life’s blood of your ministry. By allowing those three systems to talk, we’ve made giving easier than ever before for both the user and your administrative staff.

By allowing your fellowship to give through your branded church app, they can do so anytime/anywhere as they feel the calling.  Maybe that’s during your Sunday morning announcements as they hear about a new ministry they want to support.  Maybe it’s at the soccer field.  Maybe it’s on summer vacation as they watch the sermon they missed.  Convenient and easy giving through your church branded app, is a game changer.  Are you ready?

Benefits for your fellowship:

  • It’s quick. 10 – 15 seconds is all it takes.
  • It’s easy & accessible. Right in their purse or pocket whenever they want to give.
  • It’s paperless. (Does anyone still carry a checkbook?) Nothing to write out & the receipt is emailed if they wish.
  • It’s convenient. Even without a log-in to your Church Community Builder system, anyone can give to your ministry without a lot of extra steps. Recurring payments? Why, certainly. Set it and forget it.

Benefits for your ministry:

  • All the reasons above mean more giving.
  • No additional fees. I repeat: no.additional.fees. We leverage your existing relationship with Bluepay.
  • Multi-site and multi-fund capabilities. Givers can choose where they want their gift to go, according to the options you set up.
  • We automatically write the transaction to your Church Community Builder database saving your administration the time & energy of manually entering checks, cash, etc. We imagine that many administrative hours can now be used elsewhere.

Make church easy. Make giving easy! Together, let’s grow the Church through mobile.