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At Aware3, we’re serious about growing with your ministry and evolving as technology evolves. We are a software company committed to continuous development. We don’t just sit around sipping coffee, folks! Ok, we do more than our share of sitting and sipping coffee…but we’re sitting at our computers, exploring and developing our faces off while we do it.

We’re thrilled to have rolled out a couple of hot ticket items in May.

  • Blog – If your church and/or pastor has a blog with a RSS feed, we can now automatically consume that feed and get more eyeballs on it via your mobile app.  It’s a great way for users to consume your blog anytime/anywhere. To get you thinkin’: Why not have a rotating ministry feature instead of always one “voice” on the blog? Feature a blog entry from a different ministry each month and really mix it up.
  • Audio – If your church has MP3 files of your sermons, worship music, etc. you’ll soon be able to upload them into our management console and stream them through your app. To get you thinkin’: Upload an mp3 of your announcements on Monday. If your church is like mine, people come in late and miss the announcements or for some reason don’t retain the info anyway. Combine with a push message to alert your users that announcements are loaded until everyone is used to the idea!

What fun new features will June bring? Isn’t the suspense delicious?