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Whether in life or ministry work, we are pulled in so many directions. Technology has given us a lot of wonderful tools to help grow the Church, but more often that not, these systems aren’t talking to each other.  As a result, there is a lot of wasted time and energy entering the same content in multiple systems.  The term and concept of “integration” can be very surface or many levels deep when discussing within the context of technology. It just means running things more efficiently.  In other words, update your content just as you would today, and the app is automatically updated in the integrated features – no double work! Efficiency in all your digital content as well as a good chunk of database management for Church Community Builder churches – we’re all about that here at Aware3.

Remember waaaay waaay back in the day when smartphones first arrived on the scene? You did away with your Day Planner (remember those big clunky paper calendars?) and your Rolodex – you can now store everything on this giant mobile phone – and yes, even use it to talk to people too! Well, friends… let’s call that time the early days of “integration.” That was our first glimpse of what could be through mobile technology! It’s really just a matter of consolidation and streamlining our various tools that we use through work – and through life.

Lots of church app companies can help you consolidate your different digital ministry tools. Your app can be a digital lobby, where users can access your website, social media, video streams, maybe a calendar, and a giving portal – but someone in the back office of that app, if you could see beyond all the little buttons on your phone… someone is managing all those bits and pieces to make sure that lobby is up to date with all your latest content. Integration means that person can clock out, lock up, and go do other things! At Aware3, we want our app to be a tool so advanced that those admin hours can be spent elsewhere. We want the app we build for you to be more than just a cool way to open the door to content; we want it to be a powerhouse of ministry efficiency for you.

Our first integrations have been hugely successful and are only fueling our fire for more to come. Here’s the nitty-gritty. We are (currently) fully integrated with Church Community Builder, Bluepay payment processing, and the video hosting sites YouTube and Vimeo (heard of them?). What this means is that for the features in your mobile app that associate with these entities, there.is.no.management. The power is all in the app, fueled directly by the respective “sources of truth”, and seamlessly connected to the little buttons in your app – without that valuable person in the “app back office” making sure to update and connect all those avenues on a routine basis.

This is a pretty complex issue, but here’s a quick little tour of what this all means – a little snapshot and description per integration partner. We think you’ll see that this is where the rubber meets the road in utilizing your app to make church easy.

Church Community Builder Church Management Software – Several of the features we offer link directly to features and functionality of the Church Community Builder software you are already using for your ministry. 

  • Event Calendar – info is taken directly from your public church calendar within CCB. 
  • Adult Attendance – log in and select from a list of current events of that day to make your participation known. 
  • Small Group Discovery & Sign-Up – browse through the small group information hosted in the CCB database, contact a leader, and even register. 
  • Church Directory – browse through your church family in the secure CCB environment and even reach out and connect. 
  • CCB User ID Request & Password – this has been extremely beneficial in facilitating adaptation of the Church Community Builder management software for the local church body. Don’t worry about your attendees remembering to sign up at home. Have them take out their cell phones right then and there and get their family logged in! 
  • Giving – the easier and more accessible it is to give, the more we will. It’s just human nature! We’ll talk about this again in conjunction with Bluepay, but the giving feature is completely secure and logs all gifts into the Church Community Builder system automatically. (Do I hear cheers from church offices right now?) 
  • Forms – we have seen so much creativity here in the ways local churches are using this feature, and how you use forms inside Church Community Builder is completely up to you! Whatever you do use will be available inside your app, and again…seamlessly connected to your Church Community Builder database. Need to make a change to the form in your Church Community Builder management console? Boom, it’s real-time updated automatically inside the app. That’s the power of integration.

BluePay Payment Systems – this integration is fresh from the oven! We are now the first and only mobile app provider to be fully integrated with both Church Community Builder and Bluepay. Our giving feature is all grown up, and we couldn’t be more proud! Whether you are a single-site or multi-site ministry campus, all your giving is right here, locked in with your Church Community Builder management platform so all giving records are updated real-time right through your Aware3 app. Your fellowship can select a specific campus and give a one-time donation – (recurring gifts are coming very soon). All secure, right in the Bluepay platform and, again, directly linked to your Church Community Builder database. This has been a major undertaking, but there are no new fees and/or paperwork it’s all done through your existing relationship with Bluepay. We chased after this integration because we knew how beneficial it would be to our church partners, and there are never any new fees for our upgrades or additional features for our full-subscription partners. We grow as you grow!

YouTube & Vimeo – Whatever you host through your YouTube or Vimeo channels will be automatically updated and play flawlessly right inside your mobile app. This is extremely exciting because it’s a bit time-consuming to have to upload those monstrous files in the first place, so you only want to do it once!

I hope this helps you understand the difference “integration” can make and why you really want to hear that word a LOT in looking into a mobile app solution for your ministry. There are many providers out there that can simply launch a branded app for your church that links to all your content. But if you’re looking for a way to do ministry more effectively and leverage the time and financial investment you’ve made in not only the tools above but also your office staff, then we think you’ll end up right here with us. And we couldn’t be happier about partnering with you and your ministry.

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