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We are thrilled to roll out a referral program! Of course, we are so blessed when any of our church partners refers us to other churches in their local network. We want to see entire cities impacted by your ministries, and we get so excited to think that our product might be part of that. But why not bless you back for blessing us, right?

The terms are simple. Have the church you are introducing to us simply fill out our contact form, select Referral under “How Did You Hear About Aware3?” and enter YOUR CHURCH NAME in the Message field. When they click “submit,” the ball is rolling and your account is linked to that relationship. Of course, this does not obligate that church in any way. We will still move through the process as they investigate the Aware3 mobile app as a tool for their ministry and the decision is theirs, of course. If they decide to subscribe, your church account will receive a complimentary month subscription added to the end of your current term. You can earn up to 12 free months – an entire year of Aware3 for free! I can hear Stewardship Committees cheering already…

* Complimentary months can only be added to the end of a subscription term and cannot be used as credit in an initial annual subscription. Referral program is only applicable to “Pro” level subscribers and new subscriptions.

Our special promotion for Church Community Builder subscribers still stands – our set up fee at the “Pro” level is discounted 25%!

Suggestions: discuss in your next church community gathering or “pastors and coffee” event. Blast on social media, tagging Aware3, that your church is excited about your mobile app. Send a friendly note to your pastor or church administrator friends in your community or across the country and see if they’re thinking about adding a mobile app to their ministry toolbox. Start a conversation or simply invite them to visit our website and start investigating.

Here are the links to our fun little videos that can help folks see the power of a mobile app tool and even see a demonstration of a current app in use.

Ministry Overview

New Life Christian Church app

Happy sharing! Let us know if there is anything we can do to better equip you in your efforts.