The TENTH Hour Has Arrived

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We know when the “11th Hour” strikes, we’re already in crisis mode, right? Let’s get ahead of crisis mode and start planning now for the influx of visitors entering your doors for your Christmas programming and through Advent and into the New Year.

Handling Guests. Are your guest teams prepared? It might be time to freshen up some training or even entertain some new ideas and processes by which you can cultivate the relationship with your guests beyond that first Sunday experience – which for many first-time or C&E folks is right around the corner during the Christmas season and the end of the year.

Pulling the “app” trigger. Many of you out there are waiting for Christmas giving and end-of-year gifts to launch your mobile church. Consider the opportunity you might be missing, though. How fantastic to be able to connect guests during that time to your church in a way they can take it with them when they leave? Instead of the traditional overload of printed “Welcome” materials that are costly to produce and may or may not even be read by your guests, what about an app that holds the same information, right on their smart phones, in a way that is engaging to explore.

Even if you already have an app, here are some suggestions for how to connect guests (and more of your fellowship) with your mobile church.

1: Guests will be impressed that you are technologically progressive. Saturate the environment with your app: QR codes at your cafe and information table, fun announcement video, app slide in your announcement loop, QR codes on guest services name tags… Church apps are a long way from being “old hat.” Churches with a slick, high-functioning app are still on the trend-setting end of the spectrum.

2: Strategic push-messages can reinforce their experience later that week. Perhaps your teaching minister can plan a blog post to reinforce the message with practical, guest-friendly content and push out something like: Fun family action points from Sunday’s teaching on my blog (and link to the blog inside the app). We recommend you stick to a maximum of 1 push message per week so as not to annoy. 🙂

3: Create a button in your app that provides quick snippets of ministries and activities coming up for your church that are great opportunities for “guests” to experience “community.” Visually appealing snapshots (linked to more info, of course) hosted right in your app will be way more effective than brochures or flyers for the same programming. Think Pinterest!

What other ideas do you have for the upcoming guest-heavy season for churches to think about? Any other creative ideas for using an app or other technology? Share!

Contact Angee to set up a video chat “tour” of the Aware3 mobile solution by emailing her at or calling 816-769-1717, and start seeing the possibilities of your mobile ministry. Special pricing will be available for a limited time for those who participate.