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On a daily basis, we have something to celebrate here in our office. We’re seeing stories come in from our church partners that are answers to hopes and prayers since our founders realized the potential for ministry by way of mobile technology and Aware3 was born.

We’re hungry for more. We’d like to share stories from you all here – not just for celebration purposes, but to create a community of Aware3 partners where ideas and inspiration can be shared. The tools you all are using are similar – Aware3, Church Community Builder, BluePay, YouVersion, Livestream, YouTube or Vimeo… but we are seeing so much creativity and genius in the implementation – in how you’re using your app to change lives and impact your community for Christ.

Recently, we received an email from Pastor Jim at Morning Star Church in Dardenne Prairie, MO. After 3 months with their Aware3 app, the staff ran some statistics on the usage of the app. They were so excited, they shared that information with us. To give some context, this is a church of about 1600 adults in attendance for weekly services.

1,908 downloads since launch.

$19,896 in gifts processed through their app.

2,549 worship check-in’s through the app.

46+ next steps identified / requested through the app.

In reviewing their website and app, I realized they are using a button for a capital campaign, which they prefer to refer to as a “generosity campaign.” (Nice, right?)  I see the “Turn the Page” graphic on their site, their Facebook page, and I noticed the button of the same name in their app. In one button, they can connect people to their video, the ability to commit and give quickly, and all other information about the financial project anyone could want and, more importantly, how they can engage. See it here.

“We know that one of the best ways to get information to people is through their smart phones. The Aware3 mobile app is a convenient and accessible way for our congregation to connect to our church and most recently to also learn more about our two-year generosity campaign called ‘Turn the Page’”.  – Jim Peich, Pastor of Connections 

We’re thrilled to be part of what Morning Star Church is doing to reach their community for Christ!

What stories or ideas do you have that you would like to share with the Aware3 community? Post in comments or email me at