Using your App to Engage Christmas Visitors

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I wrote before about the “10th Hour.” Well, the 11th hour has arrived. November means Thanksgiving, Christmas, end-of-year, and New Year’s action items are well underway. You’re planning the details of the special programming, prayer initiatives, worship experiences, and ear-marking the special giving.

This is the time of year we see many more new faces, and those faces are in your plans, too. How will your worship experience impact those seeking a church home or a relationship with Christ? What about the infamous “C&E” Christians? Are you implementing a plan that will touch their lives beyond that 90 minutes they’re in your building?

If your ministry is MOBILE (whether with Aware3 or not), those folks can take your ministry with them when they leave

Here are some helpful tips to get your app into visitors’ smartphones.

  • BANNER AD ON YOUR WEBSITE It’s imperative that you have a banner ad that will show up on your normal website and your mobile website that points folks to your app. Visitors will check out your ministry online (and many times they do that through their mobile device) before they ever darken your door. Include some kind of verbiage in your graphic that lets visitors know the app is not just for “members.”
  • SATURATE THE ENVIRONMENT This is one of very few situations where QR codes can actually be effective. You’ve got people in your building or connected to you at least on a surface level, and you can use QR codes just to help them easily download your app. 
    • Big poster at your Cafe
    • signs with QR codes at your information desk
    • QR codes on Guest Teams’ name tags or stickers on their sleeves. Train them to chat about the app and invite guests to download it as they tour the building or check in their kids!
    • Announcement slide loop – a giant QR code is scannable from a distance.
    • QR codes on your printed programs and visitor info cards
  • LAUNCH CELEBRATION BEFORE CHRISTMAS This can just be a launch to your leadership and guest services teams or a church-wide party to download and get to know the app, but it’s critical to start changing your culture so from leadership all the way down, folks are engaging with your ministry through the app. If your app has already been launched for a time, hold a special event or take even just 5 minutes from announcement time for everyone to open the app and think of it in OUTreach terms. Encourage your regular attendees to use the app to share your ministry with their friends and family. Along those lines, make sure you’ve got content built in there with non-attendees in mind. Great sermon series, blog entries, digital publications about different ministries, your event calendar, etc. Imagine how much less intimidating that Sunday experience will be for someone who is already familiar with your ministry because of your app!

I hope these ideas help you prepare. If you don’t have an app yet, let’s get going! Contact me at or fill out our contact form.

What ideas do you have? Share here in comments or send me a note so I can tweet and post!