Did You Know? Aware3 Facts & Tips

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As you know, we’ve built in a lot of flexibility for you in the management of your app. We love to see fresh new graphics from time to time – and your users will too.

3Circle Church changed their Home Screen (background image) during the Christmas season to match other graphics they were using during that time. That is a great way to deepen the connection between your app and your ministry if the look of your app changes as your other visuals do.  Beyond Christmas, 3Circle also keeps their app look and feel consistent with their sermon series.  Their current series, Names of God, is now reflected in their app graphics. Making your app feel fresh and new from time to time will delight your users.

To change your Home Screen graphics, simply upload new images for the various settings in the “Setup” tab in the upper right of your management screen. You’ll see the specifications and upload buttons toward the bottom of the page – where you uploaded them the first time.  The changes will go live immediately! 

Button Labels can be displayed or hidden, depending on the graphics you create. In other words, some churches are working the button labels into their custom graphics, so they don’t want the default labels to be displayed in the app. To adjust this, click the “Setup” tab found at the top right of your screen in your management console. Under the “Basics” heading, you will see “Tile Labels” with a drop-down selection. If your button graphics contain the labels you wish to use, simply choose “Hide tile labels.” 

The beauty of your Aware3 app is that it requires very little management, but take advantage of the option to change your graphics when it fits!