Did You Know? Use RSS Feeds Creatively

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Most of us just think of blogs when we think of RSS feeds – a letter to readers of the author’s thoughts on this topic or that. An RSS feed, though, simply put, is a way to keep updated without having to remember to “check back often” for new content via your browser bookmark.

When you subscribe to an RSS feed, you have one subscription page that is always updated with your favorite sites’ latest content. For more explanation, this is a great article.

When thinking about RSS for church – or a blog for a church – you might just think about your pastor’s thoughts in relation to the current sermon series, which is fantastic! Why not supplement and reinforce the weekend teaching with some content you can push out during the week? This is so easy with your Aware3 powered app because we can integrate your “Pastor’s Blog” button with that RSS feed, keeping it updated at all times automatically. But, as we’ve seen from some of our church partners, RSS feeds can be used in even more ways – and will always be up-to-date in your app because of our integrated technology.

The above graphic shows you what a blog feed will look like but also how you can use an RSS feed for Daily Devotional updates (center) and supplemental materials for Children’s Ministry (right). What other ways could you imagine using an RSS feed to enhance your ministry and engage your congregation?

We’d love to feature you in a Real Stories article – share how your church is using your app creatively or suggestions you have for a blog or webinar topic. Write to: angee@aware3.com