Who Doesn’t Love a Good Redemption Story?

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I read an article, How HGTV Built a Network on Redemption Stories, and it is so true. We love to see the old and run-down become new again. And, I don’t know about you, but I wish I could be best friends with Chip & Joanna Gaines. Well, as Christians, of course “Redemption” has a deep and eternal meaning for us, and it is the reason we work so hard on preparations for Easter Sunday – to give the resurrection of Christ the proper honor and celebration but, more importantly, to connect those who don’t yet know His personal redemption to the good news, hope, and eternal life that are available to them because of His crucifixion and resurrection.

It is no small task.

You’re already in the thick of preparations and you have several more weeks ahead of “all hands on deck” ministry work. What happens after the Easter Sunday service? Many churches close the offices and give their staff a much-deserved break after Easter, but this is a critical time to continue sowing seeds in the lives of those who attended on Easter Sunday.

The days following Easter is a great time to amp up your social media presence. You probably have a Facebook and Twitter account, and you might even be on Instagram and Pinterest (BRAVO if so)! But it’s probably a challenge to post regularly and engage a real audience. Coming up with quality content is a chore.

An idea from 5 Ideas for Churches With Social Media on www.churchm.ag seemed really interesting to me – combined with this idea of how much we all enjoy renovation / redemption stories.

Personal Redemption Stories via Social Media  Could you find 40 people in your church to share their personal redemption stories via selfie-video? Post one every day for 40 days starting the Monday after Easter. Maybe 40 is too large a number – how about just 7? Start a hashtag with your church initials followed by “redeemed” to really start a community of stories. Put all staffers and volunteers on alert to watch for posts and like, share, and comment on them (and you don’t have to be in the office to do so).

Instagram can also take short videos or a person could just take a selfie and add a brief line or two about their redemption. Start an Instagram quest for imagery depicting redemption or renewal.

On Pinterest, create boards of renewal with ideas to renovate or redeem parts of our lives for the better. The “Family Renovation” board could have ideas for family time or ways to get better organized to reduce stress in the home. A “Financial Renovation” board could have budgeting tips and encouragement or money-saving ideas. Plenty of folks need to bring their relationship to Christ or renovate their marriage – post tips and resources on a “Relationship Renovation” board…you get the idea. Pinterest isn’t just for DIY projects or for recipes. Let your church’s Pinterest boards be a practical life-application resource for your fellowship.

Schedule daily blog posts for the week following Easter based on some typical “God” questions or a devotional-type post with the non-Christian in mind. GotQuestions.org has a fantastic list of questions (and answers, although you’ll want to verify the accuracy of course) that would make wonderful blog topics.

Of course, your social media links, your blog articles, and special follow-up videos can all be accessed right through your app and that content would be automatically updated if you are an Aware3 partner. If you haven’t read our previous blog, please do – you’ll find tips on how to make sure your visitors are aware of your app so they will download it and take church with them when they leave that Easter Sunday experience

Do you have a story to share? What creative ideas are you implementing for your post-Easter follow-up? We’d love to feature you in our “Real Stories” blog post. Comment below or send an email to angee@aware3.com.