What you need to know about push notifications

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Church apps by Aware3 offer two types of push notifications — broadcast and geotargeted — so you can get in touch with your people anytime and anywhere. When you use them well, these notifications are great tools to keep your people in the loop. Here’s how to make the most of your app’s push notification features.

Use push notifications to spread the word about exclusive content.

Use push notifications to spread the word about exclusive content.

Broadcast Push Notifications

  • What they are: Your broadcast message goes out to all app users, no matter where they are at the moment. Just type a message, hit send and they’ll receive it. This is a great way to share news and announce events. And it’s quick to set up — 30 seconds and you’re good to go.

  • When to use them: Think Vacation Bible School registration, Bible study launches and service opportunities. Broadcast push notifications are also helpful when you need to get the word out fast — such as a cancelled service due to a snowstorm. And push notifications are also key to drive generosity. In the middle of a capital campaign? Send a reminder so they don’t forget to give.

  • How to use them best: Broadcast push notifications work best when you push to content inside your app. Skip external links and URLs. Recipients simply swipe the notification and arrive at the right feature. For example, announce the new sermon series starting Sunday and send users to the week’s interactive sermon notes. And remember: length of a tweet, frequency of an email. Short and sweet’s the name of the game. . . and just a few each week at most. More than that and people may tune out.

Geotargeted Push Notifications

  • What they are: Geotargeted notifications arrive on a user’s mobile device when they enter a certain location. Like broadcast notifications, start by typing your message. Pick an app feature, a time and a delivery window (like 8 to 10 am). Finally, choose the place. That’s the zone where users have to be to receive your message.

  • When to use them: Geotargeted notifications are the right choice when you have a specific audience, a specific place and a specific time. Some churches use this feature on Sunday mornings as people arrive to share the sermon notes. Users will get the message from 9 am to noon on Sunday when they arrive in the church parking lot.

  • How to use them best: Think beyond the church parking lot. Holding a Thanksgiving food drive? Create a geotargeted message when they show up at your community’s grocery store: “Don’t forget to grab a can of food for the church food drive!” Off-site events are also good, hitting their phone when they arrive to give directions: “It’s our Christ Church Service Saturday! Meet at the blue tent for your assignment.”

Push notifications are just one of many features to stay connected with your people. Time for your church to go mobile? Let’s chat.