The surprising reason why most mobile church giving DOESN’T happen on Sunday.

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When giving is made simple, gifts increase throughout the week.

That’s right: the traditional day to donate to church has shifted. Our data demonstrates that 60% of giving doesn’t happen on Sundays. More and more, generosity is an everyday event.

Increasingly, when it comes to generosity, the “when” of the transaction is only the beginning. The numbers tell a bigger story: connection drives generosity. Generosity happens when people feel connected and are called to give — and that “why” often happens outside of Sunday.

The second biggest day for giving? Friday. 13% of all church mobile app donations on our platform are made on the last day of the work week, with Monday the third highest at 11%.

Now, don’t give up on Sunday just yet: the traditional giving day still matters for your congregants’ contributions. Of donations made, 39% do take place on Sunday. But the rest of the week is growing in church giving, and that’s great news for you and your congregation.

Of all the features available to our app users, giving isn’t the star. The majority of our users use their Aware3-powered church app to do something entirely different. Sometimes it’s listening to sermons and content that creates the giving moment. Other times, it’s connecting with community through small groups and events, when they engage with something bigger than themselves. More often than not, giving is the third or fourth feature used in our apps.

The bottom line? When there’s an offering plate right on their mobile device, inside your church-branded mobile app, it’s easy for them to be generous when they feel called to give. When your congregation can contribute anytime, anywhere and more conveniently than ever, generosity soars.