Five ways to beat the summer church slump

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The beach, camps, sports, road trips or just sleeping in . . . on summer Sundays, it seems like your people are anywhere but church. Unfortunately, your ministry can find itself in the middle of the summer slump.

Sound familiar? Summer vacation often brings a dip in attendance and a dip in giving. But ministries can’t afford to take a vacation — and your mobile app can make all the difference.

We know that connection drives generosity. So giving them plenty of ways to stay connected over the summer can keep giving strong, too. Here are our tips to beat the church summer slump.

1. Make a big splash about summer events with push messaging.    

They may have missed Sunday morning’s announcements, so make sure everyone is aware of your church’s big events. Barbecues, summer Bible studies, new sermon series . . . spread the word about it all using push notifications.

2. Make mobile part of your Vacation Bible School strategy.

VBS is a great way to get parents plugged into your app. Tie your app in with the Vacation Bible School experience by allowing easy registration and payment, making the agenda available, uploading memory verses and sharing video recaps. It’s a great way to show parents everything your app has to offer, and they’ll continue to use it well after VBS has come to a close.

3. Provide exclusive mobile-only video content.

Even if they missed the Sunday sermon, record a quick three-to-five minute recap so users can stay connected. Or consider a special mobile-only summer devotional, where a different team member shares a short message every week. These extra touch points keep people engaged, connected and giving.

4. Offer season-specific ways for everyone to give.

Raising funds to send kids to camp? Running a summer giving drive? Define a fund inside the giving feature. This makes it easy for your congregation to contribute, staying generous even when they’re out of town.

5. Finally, make sure to stay in touch.

Remind them that they can tune in to sermons on your app while traveling. Keep them in the loop with reminders. This makes sure that everyone feels welcome when they are able to attend, and really missed when they’re not.