5 Ways Technology Supports Your Sunday Sermon

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When most people think about how mobile can impact the Church they immediately think about Sunday.  We love seeing our apps used on Sundays.  For us though Sunday was low-hanging fruit.  The real question for us was how can we change Monday-Saturday.

One of our favorite ways we see our church partners using their app is to tease Sunday. Here are 5-ways a mobile app for your church can tease Sunday.

1. Push Messages

Send out a push message to let people know what Bible verses you’re using in the sermon this week.

2. Create excitement for Sunday with a teaser video

Creating connection with your congregation throughout the week is key to building a strong church. One way you can do this is through releasing a short video that previews your upcoming sermon on your church app. Let people know what you’re talking about and they won’t want to miss it. By delivering it in video form, you offer an opportunity for people to get their information quickly from you.

3. Interactive Sermon notes

With sermon notes in your app, it makes it easy to use them for mid-week small groups or personal study.  Make it easy for people to interact with what you’re teaching. Traditionally bulletins come with inserts where people can jot down notes and follow along with the pastor. However, with smartphone use on the rise, make your sermon notes easily accessible by making them interactive.

4. Engage the unique ways people learn.

People engage with information in different ways. Some do better sitting and listening to what’s being said. Others like to take notes on their phone or see information up on the big screen. By presenting your content through different technological options, your congregation has the option to interact in a way that helps them remember what you’ve said.

5. Share the sermon through your church app

Once the sermon is over, make the video and audio available through your church app. Posting your sermon makes it easy for people who weren’t able to attend to access the content.

What are other ways you’ve found technology help you prepare and preach your sermons?