New feature highlight: Horizontal Scrolling

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We’re excited to announce our latest customization feature: horizontal scrolling. Your church now has more options than ever to make your app look and function the way you want.

Now, you’re able to set the direction your buttons scroll, vertically or horizontally. Choose the number of columns, as well as how many buttons appear per screen. This feature gives you more “un-buttoned” real estate on your app’s screen, putting more emphasis on the customizable background image.  

We’ve seen churches put this feature to work in some fun ways. Update your home screen image to reflect the current sermon series, promote an exciting upcoming event or spread the word about a new class. The updates take place in real-time — no waiting for the updates you need.

Using these enhanced customization features, you can change your app as much or as little as you want. Horizontal scrolling is just one more way we’re putting the look and feel of your app in your hands. Existing customers, check your app portal for feature availability.