Use Your App to Connect with Teens & College Students in Your Church

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As August approaches, people are finishing up vacations and looking toward the school year. While returning to school means a return to structured days, work, and small groups, it can also mean the loss of some of your high school students to college. 

So how do you create a connection with teens and college students as the school year starts?

Meet them where they are. 

Make the effort to connect with teens early on. According to Pew Research, 91% of teens report using their mobile phone to access the Internet and social media. Use this to your advantage. Look for creative ways you can use your mobile app to connect with some of your church’s younger members. Use the app to announce special events like concerts or special guest speakers. Show them they are valuable members of the congregation by meeting them where they are already – on their phones. 

Take advantage of video content.

Let’s be honest, a good cat video or a snippet from Jimmy Fallon is what makes the Internet a fun place to be. Teens are sharing this content as much as anyone. Use the video feature on your church app to share your funny content. Or share a 2-3-minute video with the rest of the congregation that highlights something the youth group did. The point is to create a unique connection through a video that is shared easily through your app. 

Keep the connection going.

From high school to college, smartphone use dips slightly to 81%. Colleges and universities are looking for ways to engage college students via mobile to accommodate learning styles. Churches should follow suit. Make the effort to connect to college students through a variety of content in your app. Videos, Sermon notes, and online Bible studies that students can access at any time are ways to create that connection. 

What are some ways your church has uniquely reached out to teens and college students digitally?