Don’t Hit Print

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With Aware3, you'll be seeing a lot less of your printer this fall.

With Aware3, you’ll be seeing a lot less of your printer this fall.

Before we start, let’s get one thing straight. We’re not suggesting that you pull an Office Space and send your printer out the window. But your Aware3 app can help you cut down on the amount of printing your church does, saving money, resources and time.

Your app streamlines your materials by putting all your resources in one place. When you’re printing less, you’re doing ministry more.

With Aware3, here are just a few things you won’t have to print this fall:

  • Remittance envelopes. Mobile giving through your church-branded app is simple for them and drives big results for you. That’s why churches using Aware3 see a 31% jump in giving on average. It’s easy for them and streamlined for you.

  • Monthly newsletters. Why wait for a once-a-month update when you can keep them in the loop all the time? Inform your members regularly through the app with push notifications.

  • Event calendars. Skip the calendar handout and give them easy access to everything going on, right on their mobile device.

  • Sermon notes. Our interactive sermon notes guide them through the sermon, then let them email a copy to themselves. Their notes are available anytime, at the moment they need encouragement most.

  • Worship guides. Our in-app worship guides put your bulletin on their device, so it’s simple for them to follow along.

  • Small group study notes and agendas. One less thing to print = one less thing for them to worry about. Take a little weight off your leaders’ shoulders with study notes and agendas right on their app.

  • Daily devotions. Push notifications deliver the day’s devotion to the device they use everyday, earning major points over hard-copy devotional booklets.

Going with Aware3 saves you money. Let’s take a church of about 1,000 people, for example. For just one month, we’ve crunched the numbers:

  • 8,000 pages saved when they don’t print bulletins (at 2 pages each)

  • 1,000 pages saved when they don’t print calendars (at 1 page each)

  • 4,000 pages saved when they don’t print small group guides (at 4 pages each)

That’s 13,000 pieces of paper! At $2.99 per ream of paper, that’s $78 back in your church’s pocket in one month alone (and let’s not get started on mailing costs or pricey ink cartridges, where the savings add up even faster).

Scratch printing off your fall to-do list. With your Aware3 app, it’s easier than ever for your church to connect with your people.