Mobile Apps vs. Mobile Websites: Which is Better?

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We write a lot about the way smartphone usage is growing around the world. An estimated two billion people own a smartphone, and that number continues to rise. Businesses, marketers and developers are constantly looking for ways to engage these mobile users in unique ways. But the learning curve is steep, and people are trying to determine the difference between a mobile website and a mobile app.

When we talk with clients, we get asked this question frequently. Conversation revolves around the difference between having a website optimized for mobile and an app. Are both necessary? So we decided to break down what the differences are between a mobile website and a mobile app.

Mobile Responsive Websites

Traditionally, a website is used as an entry point for your potential customer or visitor. A website usually explains who you are, what you do or maybe what you sell. The focus is on creating transactions like reading and sharing content, buying a product or finding locations. The whole focus of the site is for visitors who want to consume information, but it leaves content creators and marketers in a place to figure out how to keep people coming back. When optimized for mobile, the website adjusts to the size of the device of the user. Most information is available, and it usually requires some connection to the Internet to access.

Web sites are facing their morphing in the age of smartphones. But it will soon not be enough to have a site that optimized for a smartphone. A mobile app can be a great option for churches to continue to engage a younger generation.

Mobile Apps

A mobile app can provide several options for engagement. The user downloads it and can use it at their convenience. Apps give people the ability to engage with content and brand multiple times rather than visiting a website once or twice. App creators can easily get information and updates into the hands of their users through push notifications and by allowing content accessible offline. And numbers don’t lie. The average smartphone user checks their phone a staggering 150 times a day. In the U.S., smartphone users spend 86% of their time in apps versus a mere 14% on a mobile browser.

Have you created an app for your church? Or are you focused on a web presence? Let us know in the comments.