Westside Family Church: Creating Relationships Through Their Mobile App

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Sometimes our clients use their branded mobile app in ways that are so unique, we have to highlight them. 

We recently worked with Westside Family Church to create a vibrant app for their church community. They’ve filled it with great content, easy ways to join with a small groups and how to find the church online. 

But instead of making the primary call-to-action joining small groups or giving, they’ve provided an easy, accessible way to volunteer. 

Westside intentionally made the Servelink button different from the rest of the options on the home screen. It stands out. The brand colors are consistent, but they incorporated a unique logo with a clear call-to-action. Westside also visually demonstrates what their priority is for their church congregation by making the opportunity to serve the first option on their app. 

We often talk about how important it is to connect with your congregation because connection and involvement drive generosity. Westside Family Church provides a great example of how to create an intentional and ongoing connection with people who attend their church.

What are ways you can use your app to create connections in your congregation?