Integrating Church Community Builder with your Aware3 Church Mobile App: Calendar

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Restore Community Church in Kansas City has seen big results with the branded app. With the power of mobile. Aware3 brings CCB alive for their people. 

Restore Community Church in Kansas City has seen big results with the branded app. With the power of mobile. Aware3 brings CCB alive for their people. 

For Restore Community Church in Kansas City, their branded app from Aware3 has been transformative, bringing CCB to life with the power of mobile.

“One main reason we chose Aware3 for our church’s app is because of how well it would integrate with what we were already doing with Church Community Builder,” says Zach Henderson, Center of Excellence Director with Restore. “CCB is a workhorse, and it’s one of the best church management platforms, but Aware3 is what really makes it mobile friendly.”

Especially because Restore is a three-campus church, with congregations meeting around the metro area, it was crucial to find a calendar that functioned as an event hub. They needed something both simple and streamlined.

With busy schedules and multiple calendars to manage, integrating CCB with your Aware3 app is seamless. Any calendar event created using CCB is pushed directly into your app, automatically. This means your people can register for events directly on the app. Their registration data is automatically pulled into CCB, saving hours of admin time.

In the past, Restore’s admin spent hours in her inbox before any church event, answering basic questions over and over. “No one could easily find where things were, what was going on and what facility events were at,” Zach adds.

Today, it’s a different story. “Aware3 took everything we were doing on CCB before and made it way more user friendly,” Zach says. “All we had to do was plug it in and it was ready to go.”

When someone registers for a church events through the app, they can create an automatic calendar reminder for themselves. With the event scheduled on their busy agendas, they don’t miss out on the most important happenings at Restore, Zach says. Plus, the app’s calendar helps them post to social and send via text, truly multiplying the ministry’s reach. 

Zach has seen the calendar function at work during Restore’s Next Step Gatherings. These quarterly events are designed to guide attendees on their spiritual journey. “Right there on the app, they can see where to get further involved in ministry. They can sign up right then and there, in the moment.” 

For Restore, the calendar function has made it simpler than ever for people to get plugged in.

Implementing Aware3 has made the most of Restore’s investment in CCB. Although Restore is in the early stages of marketing their app to their members, the church has already seen nearly 85% of their people download and use it. Even better? Of those, 75% had never used CCB before. “Now, they’re using it every day through our app,” Zach says, confidently.

Church Community Builder is a powerful tool for your church. With Aware3 integration and the power of mobile, CCB comes to life for your community.