3 Ways Your Church Can Participate in Giving Tuesday

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Have you heard about Giving Tuesday? It’s the Tuesday after Black Friday and Cyber Monday and dedicated to cultivating generous giving to nonprofits through social media and digital campaigns.

While the majority of focus is on charitable organizations, churches shouldn’t ignore Giving Tuesday. We’ve talked about how connection drives generosity. Giving Tuesday is a great opportunity to get creative when it comes to connecting members with giving opportunities. And if you have a mobile app for your church, there are even more ways for you to connect your members with what you’re doing.

Here are a few simple ideas for your church to try leading up to and on Giving Tuesday:

Ask for The Gift of Time

Create opportunities for connection by letting people know where you need help through the holidays. Whether it’s ushering during one of your Christmas services or helping the children’s ministry, make your volunteer needs clear and concise – and sign up simple – through your app.

Ask for The Gift of Resources 

Every community has families in need. Giving to these families usually grows during the holiday season. In your app, create an announcement for a canned food drive for your local food bank. Or maybe you do a socks and coat drive to donate to a local school. One of our churches turned on geo-fencing to remind people to buy extra canned goods for their church drive when they went to the grocery store.

Ask for The Gift of Money 

For many churches and nonprofits, giving is at a high volume at the end of the year. Make it easier for people to give by highlighting specific campaigns they can give to – like your building fund or supporting missionaries overseas. On your app, you can create campaign-specific buttons so that people can see where their money is going. (For more on how to do to that in your aware3 app, check out this helpful article.)

A recent study shows there is a direct correlation between giving and seeing results. When you connect your church members with ways to give that produce a positive impact, you not only motivate people to give but hopefully create a long-term connection with your church.

What are creative campaigns your church has implemented to drive connection and generosity? Do you know someone who’s done this well? Let us know in the comments!