Integrating Church Community Builder: Forms Feature

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With the power of the Forms feature on the Aware3 church app, leaders can pray for their people at them moment they need it most. With the power of the Forms feature on the Aware3 church app, leaders can pray for their people at them moment they need it most.

Churches have seen a big impact with Aware3’s Forms feature. From streamlining baptism registration to getting newcomers quickly plugged in with connection cards, forms are a powerful tool. But the feature has had an especially transformative impact for Restore Community Church in Kansas City, taking their prayer teams from a Sunday-only endeavor to a 24/7 ministry.

More than a year ago, Restore launched a prayer team at each of their three campuses. From that first Sunday, it has been a crucial way to love and serve people. Anyone in attendance at a church service can submit a prayer request. The ministry was driven by physical cards, available before, during and after church services.

Although church leaders prayed for requests throughout the week, “the only way people could share those prayer requests was on Sunday mornings,” says Zach Henderson, Center of Excellence Director with Restore.

But challenges, tragedies, and struggles don’t happen only on Sundays — prayer needs can arise anytime. That’s why Aware3’s branded church app has been a game-changer for the ministry. Because it’s always available on their mobile devices, Zach and his team used the Forms feature to create a 24/7 prayer request ministry, all driven through the app.

“Now people just pull up the app, and they can automatically send the request directly to the person who is going to be praying for them. So even if it’s 2:00 am when something happens, the prayer request form is right there,” Zach says.

Implementation was simple too. “One main reason we chose Aware3 for our church’s app is because of how well it would integrate with what we were already doing with Church Community Builder,” Zach adds, and the Forms feature was no exception.

Forms created in CCB can push to the app, and when users complete forms on the app, data is pulled back into CCB — all on autopilot. “We have almost complete control, and we can update the forms in real time by ourselves.”

The Forms feature has transformed how the Restore community prays for each other. “Whenever people are struggling, they literally have the prayer team in their hands,” Zach says. With Aware3’s Forms feature, Restore’s prayer ministry is stronger than ever, increasing their connections and growing their community.