The One Second Giving App

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When you start a new relationship or friendship, how long does it take to get to know them? Often it takes time together, listening to what the other needs and growing together. Relationships are about give and take. If that’s how relationships work in real life, why shouldn’t they work that way when it comes to churches, congregations and giving?

It’s easy enough to get people to give one time. “Sign up here. Give here. Text “GIVE” to this number to give $10. It only takes 5 seconds to give!” We all too frequently get these kinds of messages. But society is different than it was 20, even 30 years ago when people gave and didn’t care or know where their dollars were going.

Don’t get me wrong, speed is important when it comes to giving. Make your options to give easy and simple, whether they want to give online, via you mobile app or in person. 5-second giving options may sound great, but it isn’t enough to create a relationship. When you take the time to engage people outside of the giving process, you show you value them beyond their wallet.

Creating this relationship with your congregation is a necessity now more than ever. Especially when it comes to giving. A million people are competing for people’s dollars. Very few are competing for a long-term partnership with them.

Building strong relationships is where the church can and should stand out. Encourage your church staff to meet with volunteers, regular attendees and first-time visitors. Involve your congregation in your mission. Strengthen relationships with them through your app, get them to watch your videos and provide opportunities for them to help. Let people know their presence and time are just as valuable to your church as their giving.

Take more than 5 seconds and get to know your givers.