How to Make Your Year-End Giving Campaign Suck Less

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The end of the calendar year always seems like it’s full of parties, dinners, church services, and family. Generosity flows freely.

But for churches and nonprofits, the end of the year also means significant giving happens. People want the last minute tax write off, or a place to make a donation to honor a loved one. Most churches start planning their year-end giving strategy in August or September. But there are those of us who wait until November to pull a plan together to motivate the last big giving push of the year.

With that in mind, we wanted to offer up a few ideas to help you help people give before December 31st.

General fund.

I know. At first glance, not helpful. But take a look at your general fund in a different way. Look at the bills the church pays, or the new playground you bought for the kids. Maybe you got new chairs for the sanctuary or mixing board for your AV team. List out ways that the general fund supports the needs of the church and its on-going mission in your app. Or make a video and send the appeal out through push notifications.

When people can see that their money is going to practical things, they’re more inclined to give. Plus, opening up church finances is a move that not only shows you trust your congregation, but you’re trustworthy and honest.

Community outreach.

The new year is often hard for a lot of families. Bills are coming in after Christmas spending, or they just don’t have the resources to live. Think past the Christmas season and look to the needs of your community around you for the next few months. Pick a homeless shelter or program in your church that needs funds and encourage your church to give specifically to them. Give them primary space on your app so people not only know where they can donate but can donate with the touch of a finger.

Get a matching donor.

People are more likely to donate when they know someone else is donating as well. Find a donor or two who will match donations up to a certain amount. Mark your progress on your church site and your website so that your congregation can see how far they have to go and celebrate when you reach your goal. Use your app to show how far you are in raising funds. Schedule out reminders to notify your church when you hit certain dollar amounts & when you’ve hit your goal. 

What are some creative year-end giving campaigns you’ve done or seen from other churches or nonprofits?