Make Your Multi-Channel Giving Experience the Best

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In today’s world, it’s easy to automate giving. You have the choice to automate bill paying through your bank. You can set up recurring payments for your cell phone, your car insurance, even your trash pick up.

But in almost every scenario I’ve listed above, I’ve had something go wrong with my digital experience. Whether it was trying to sign in online to change my payment options or trying to access my account on my phone – something inevitably goes wrong.

Many churches design their online, mobile and onsite giving separately, creating three different experiences. Our digital experiences shouldn’t be that way. It takes more strategic planning on the front end to make sure that your congregation has an easy time accessing their accounts, giving information and profiles online. But it’s worth the investment – especially if you’re looking to build long lasting relationships.

Understand your audience and where they’re interacting with you.

As you examine your giving strategy, keep in mind where various people in your congregation will be giving. Maybe the older couple who has been attending still prefers to give by check. Perhaps the Millennial in the back pew prefers to give via their phone. Maybe the young family who attends faithfully every week doesn’t give at church, but online during the week. How do you create a seamless experience for each of them?

Don’t require different information.

If I’ve filled out a paper card or visited online and created a profile, I expect that profile information to be connected to the church no matter where I give. The customer expectation is no different. Make sure that your givers can sign in with the same username and password whether they’re online or on their phone.

Make your FAQ searchable and easy to follow.

If I’m having a problem signing in somewhere, chances are I’m going to see if others have this problem. Or if you have a solution to what I’m experiencing. A customer should be able to easily search for the answer to their question or problem.

Multi-channel giving is something we discuss quite a bit at aware3. The end view of any product and experience we create is with our customer or clients in mind. No matter where people are accessing your church, the giving experience should be seamless.

When you take extra time to think through the multichannel giving process, it shows through experience that your congregation has. It’s one more piece in creating connectivity and relationships with those who generously give out of what they have.