A Mobile Disruption is Coming

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Disruption has a bad reputation. Generally, we don’t like things that change our focus. Interruptions are unwelcome because they can mean that we lose our concentration. We are constantly looking for ways to minimize disruption. To keep the waters calm and smooth. 

However, there are times disruption can serve a purpose. A shake-up can be helpful and reveal hidden things. Interruption can shift our attention to new ideas that supplement and help what you’re currently doing.

We’ve experienced a bit of the second kind of disruption the last few months. As the landscape of mobile shifts and changes, we’ve worked hard to stay at the front of new technology. Our team has also brought fresh ideas to the table. Ideas and strategies that can help churches better use mobile to connect in deeper meaningful ways through mobile.

In the middle of these conversations, a shift has happened at aware3. Don’t worry. We’re still making and supporting mobile apps for churches. That is part of the heartbeat of who we are. But we see a need not only for beautiful, functional apps but vision casting and strategy. Someone in the technology space who not only talks about what it means to be generous but leads by example and through innovation.

You know your congregation and what is central to your church mission. We want to help you figure out your church’s mobile strategy. To provide ideas and tactics that support the necessary steps for you to take in fulfilling that strategy and vision. We want to come alongside you and help you steward the generosity already in your church.

We also want to put our money where our mouth is. Which is why we’ve planned something big for Cyber Monday. Something we’re excited about launching. We’re doing something that will hopefully help churches make connecting with visitors and members easier.

Check in with us on Cyber Monday (November 30). And make sure you visit us early – we don’t want you to miss out the opportunity to make Christmas a little bit easier for you and your church.

Photo credit: BS Wise