It’s Time for the Church to Make Mobile Moments

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More and more, our attention is pulled in different directions. Our attention spans are shrinking. Data suggests that we have 6 seconds to capture someone’s eye before they move on to the next thing.

Which may be why the phrase “mobile moment” is having its own moment. Technology continues to morph and upgrade. Marketers, businesses and ministries look to engage on a deeper level with people.

Twitter introduced moments earlier this year. The purpose is to capture some of the biggest and best things happening on Twitter. It’s continually updated and separated out by category. You can expand moments through connected content and choose to share with your followers

Facebook looks at moments in a different way. Memories will show up on days that you’ve posted content in the past. You can scroll through your memories, photos and conversations and decide if you want to share it.

Your church isn’t Facebook or Twitter. But moments are as equally important in ministry and in church as they are on social media. The question is what kind of moments happen naturally in church and the life of your congregation? How do you connect people in those moments with your mobile presence?

Here are three types of moments to consider as you look at reaching people through mobile.

Emotional Moments

We’ve all heard a missionary share their stories from overseas. Or the personal testimony of someone who has overcome hardship. Sometimes, the vulnerability and honesty of our leaders can make us emotional.

When our emotions are stirred by stories, we often want to do something. So connect your members with opportunities to pray, donate or volunteer through mobile. Match emotion with tangible action where people are already interacting.

Spiritual Moments

All of us encounter stress at different points in life. Unexpected illnesses. Family tension during the holidays. Workplace difficulties. People often feel alone or like they’re unable to properly express what they’re going through.

Before these moments in life happen, let people know about your prayer team & the ability to text a prayer request. People will often look to their mobile phone for distraction, but you have the chance to turn it into an opportunity for ministry.

Practical Moments

Create chances for people to serve and be served in your church. Maybe your women’s ministry is hosting a dinner for single moms. Turn on geo-fencing in your app so they’re reminded to pick up food for the meal. Or send a push notification to your group of single moms, letting them know about the event. Perhaps you’re doing a coat drive. Use push notifications to send out a video reminding families to bring gently used coats to church.

Whether we like it or not, mobile is the place people are turning to find connection. But mobile doesn’t have to resemble Hal out of 2000: A Space Odyssey or any other sci-fi movie where computers rule the world. 

Mobile isn’t something we can ignore anymore. Churches have to the time to intentionally create mobile strategy and implement it well. When we do that, it can be the catalyst for surprising person-to-person connection, Sunday and beyond.