We’re Offering Text to Give for Free – Here’s Why

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If you missed it yesterday, we announced a brand new text-to-give feature for churches. It’s a simple solution we’re offering that helps churches make giving easier for their congregation. In fact, we believe in it so much, we’re offering for free, for life to the first 250 churches that sign up.

Offering it for free wasn’t a gimmick our team came up with to increase leads or sales. We truly believe in creating products that enhance the ministry you do in your church, not hinder it. I also recognize that we talk a lot about giving on this blog. How to connect with your members, how to give back and be generous. In thinking about this new service we’re offering, it was a natural next step to offer it for free.

In giving away this service for free, we wanted to make sure our text-to-give service was not only valuable, but could maximize its full potential. That’s why we tightly integrated our text giving service with our branded mobile apps. If you have an aware3 powered mobile app, we help people discover text giving through your app. Also, as people give through texting, we create awareness of your mobile app by texting them a link to download it after they give. The two services are powerful on their own, but together they take ministry opportunities to a new level.

I am a passionate advocate of mobile in churches. I know it is the future, not just for ministry, but for the world. Consider this: Pew Research reports that nearly two-thirds of Americans own a smartphone. And this year, mobile surpassed desktop computers when it came to searches on Google. Pew Research also found that most people use their phones to research health issues, follow breaking news and connect with friends and family.

Beyond the data, all we have to do is look around at any social gathering to see the usage of mobile. People are constantly showing each other pictures, checking in on social media or playing games when they’re bored. The pocket screen has become a source of entertainment, and some would say a distraction.

I’m not going to argue the pros and cons of personal mobile use. But I do want to encourage churches not to miss out on the chance to connect with their members where they already are. At aware3, we don’t want to be a barrier to churches creating a great mobile app or using text-to-give. We want to work with you, giving you a functional, beautiful product that is easy for you and your congregation to use. We want text giving to be as simple as a few taps on a smartphone screen.

Which is why we’re giving it away for free. Because above all of the technology and data, we believe in connected generosity and modeling that well. Consider it a Christmas gift from our team to yours.