4 Ways Mobile Technology Helps You Connect with Visitors

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On average, only 10% of first-time guests will come back next week and become regular church members. How different would your church be if you could change that number to 25%? How about 55%? The sad truth is that many churches don’t even know how well they are retaining first-time visitors.

When you meet someone and want to connect with them again, how do you follow up? If you are like most people, you reach for your phone and connect with them using some form of mobile technology. Perhaps it’s LinkedIn or Facebook, perhaps you enter their contact information into your address book, but it’s obvious that all of these have one thing in common: a mobile device. But if you visit a church for the first time, often you are handed a red plastic flip book and asked to write some information into it, then someone hopefully takes those forms, types them into some system and then eventually, someone from the church follows up with you.

Perhaps a big reason we don’t do a better job connecting with first-time visitors is that we are asking them to connect with us in ways that they no longer use, and are using highly ineffective procedures to follow up.

Using a mobile app allows people to connect with you in ways that are easy for them and effective for you. The first step to making disciples is building a connection. Here are 4 ways that you can improve engagement:

Start with Follow-Up

The percentage of first time visitors that return increases to 34% if you connect within the first 48 hours. If you can visit them in person within the first three days, it grows even higher to 60%. An easy way to connect is to send a text or push notification within the first two days of someone’s visit or download of your app. Now, with aware3’s Outbound Targeted Text Messages, this sort of follow-up is easy.

Give Them a Way to Connect

One of the most common ways people get connected with your church is by building relationships with other people. Sending a notification that allows people to find groups, allows them to use the power of geolocation that is on their phone to build relationships in their community.

Make Giving Simple

Another step in becoming a fully-engaged member is giving, but if giving is difficult, you may be inadvertently discouraging people to engage in it consistently. One of the most common reasons people don’t give using their mobile devices is that they have never been asked. With tools like integrated online giving, text-to-give and mobile app giving, you can make donating painless for people looking to engage.

Say Thank You

Lots of churches thank visitors by giving them a worship CD or coffee mug. Using mobile technology, now you can now send them a coupon code for you local coffee shop, or a link to a digital download of worship music or an e-book. This encourages your visitors to download your app and makes following up with them simple.

What creative ways are are you fostering connection with your first time visitors?