Announcing Outbound Text Messaging

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When you have something timely to communicate to someone, how do you do it? If you are like me, you most frequently send a text message. The reason is simple: sending a text is easy and effective. The facts are that text messages are read on average in under 5 seconds and on average get a response within 90 seconds versus 90 minute response time to an email.

Now Texting just got easier!! With our newest feature, we are giving you the ability to send text messages to groups of people in your church using aware3’s platform. Until recently, there have been limitations for most churches trying to use text to communicate with their people. Some tools didn’t provide text messaging at all, others required that you gather carrier information for each phone number, and others charged exorbitant fees.

Because aware3 is a mobile app creator, we have used this same approach to create Outbound Text Messaging. This has eliminated all of these barriers and for a limited time, you can try our texting tool free of charge!

Here is how it works:

Within our platform, you can create groups using tags so your text messages are targeted and relevant to the people you are communicating with.


Decide when you want your message to be sent, and customize the message for your audience.


If you already use aware3, this feature is already enabled in your management portal. Or, if you are new to aware3, you can use Outbound Texts by itself or sign up for our many other features, helping you build connections within your church.

Sign up between now and April 30th for 3 free months of outbound texting.