Partner Spotlight: Winchester Church of God

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Meet Arron and our friends at Winchester Church of God

When your goal is to connect people to God and help them fully develop into disciples of Christ, you have to use all the tools available to you. And that is exactly what Winchester Church of God (Wincog) has done.

In a recent interview with Aaron Brewer, we discussed how they are getting the most out of their mobile app and how that has translated into a deeper impact with their people.  Aaron and the team at Wincog instinctively knew that they needed to engage people beyond Sunday mornings and the best way to do that was to connect with people the way that they are already connecting elsewhere – on their mobile devices.

With a multi-site church, connecting can be complicated, but by giving people access to the information they want, when they want it, they could help people engage on their own terms. This helps them know how best to serve their congregation. Visit any social media network and it is obvious that people are willing to share feedback, insight, and ideas.  Now that they are using mobile apps, Wincog is able to engage with their people on things that matter to them all.
Using this communication tool, they have learned what they are doing that is working, how to meet needs, and all of this helps them stay focused on their mission.

They have used a variety of creative ways for people to connect. Aaron shared, “We integrate it into everything we do – devotionals, bible app, see what your kids learned today in Sunday School and more” Using the app, people can stream previous sermons, give, find a small group and even connect with live events. “I want people to walk in and I want them to tie the app to the full experience at the church.”

They are so pleased with the results that Aaron shared some of what they have accomplished so far. They have had over 1500 downloads of their app and expect that to grow to over 2500 in 2016. They have seen significant engagement using the app on Sunday mornings to ask questions.  One of the largest impacts they have experienced is growth in giving. They have had an increase in recurring giving set up through the app and are launching text-to-give functionality. In 2015, they have had over $45,000 in donations come through the mobile app alone. Mobile interaction is increasingly the native tongue for people to connect with each other. What made this increase in giving possible is the connection that is fostered by interacting with people throughout the week in ways they are already connecting elsewhere.

“Aware3 is the best thing we did in 2015. It was our best and biggest advancement for the church. It was the most productive thing we did – it changed the way we think and the way we do things.”

At aware3, our passion is to help you make it as easy as possible to connect with your people. Technology is our product, but connection is our business. 

What creative ways are you building relationships with your people?