Partner Spotlight: Morning Star Church

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Meet Jim and our friends at Morning Star Church

Morning Star Church is a thriving faith community forty minutes northwest of St Louis, MO. Jim serves as the Pastor of Faith Formation. He  has the pleasure of focusing his time and talent on developing disciples within the church.

At Morning Star, they have a clear vision and plan of how to transform their city. They envision a community that is made up of fully developed followers of Jesus and they have a clear path that allows people to Begin, Belong, Become, and Bless. This approach gives people easy ways to Begin to be involved. They foster relationships that allow people to have a sense of Belonging within the community. Spiritual investment is a continual process of Becoming more like Jesus. And lastly, the journey to become more like Christ results in people Blessing others around them. Sounds like a pretty solid approach to me!

Using this approach, they have experienced the growth and increased engagement that naturally follows. It has helped them establish great connections within their community, but they are constantly looking for more and better ways to connect with their people. This lead to a partnership with aware3.

“We know we live in a mobile society – it’s become the norm,” Jim said. “Our phones are what we carry with us everywhere, so it provides an opportunity for people to connect with our church and ministries 24/7.”

They have a mobile app that helps people connect to their content in different ways. People can check their children into services, get push notifications, and stay informed about what’s happening at church.

Morning Star Church has used mobile to connect with the Sunday sermon in natural ways too. You can access videos of sermons you missed and they’re looking at using their app to capture questions sent to the pastor during the sermon so he can address them live from the pulpit. “Becoming strategic when it comes to mobile and digital services has impacted our church in positive ways. We see how our content meets the needs of people in the midst of their busy lives.”

And they have been creative as well, like last Christmas when they encouraged people to open the app and turn on the digital candle that Jim and his team had created for the candlelight service.

What has been the impact of all this engagement? Currently, there have been more than 4,000 downloads of Morning Star’s app and more than 13,000 check-ins to programing. It has become a central part of how they minister. With all of those ways to engage in place, Morning Star introduced giving through their app.

The response was immediate. Jim was kind enough to share some of his data with us. “In the last year, we’ve had more than $250,000 given through our mobile app. It outperforms the giving kiosk we have in our foyer hand over fist.” The ease of mobile or intuitive web-giving widgets only helps grow giving within churches. We’re in a time where people rarely carry cash or checks on them, so the ability to set up recurring gifts or even just give one time via an app or text-giving, is a win for everyone.

“Our church members love our app and use it for a variety of ways. But the big win for us was seeing the numbers and how people responded. Without mobile, these figures would have been lost. Mobile makes giving approachable and accessible.”

When you consider the ways that people can give to your church, have you made it easy for them to give? 

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