Integrated Giving: Many Tools, One Platform

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When you go camping, you want to pack light. I remember a time when I would go backpacking and my plate was a frisbee. I used it as a dustpan to clean out my tent and to gather water from the stream for washing as well. One thing I could use in a bunch of different ways. It’s the Swiss Army knife method. Why carry a knife, scissors, silverware and a hand saw when you can have all that and more in your pocket?

Giving in the church can be a bit like backpacking, the lighter the better. What I mean is you don’t want to carry a bunch of different tools around. It’s not because they are heavy, like camping, but because it can be cumbersome and confusing for your church members. If you make giving hard, then people are less likely to do it. Not only does that affect the church’s budget, but by making it hard to give, your people might not be developing the spiritual disciple of generosity.

Here are a few reasons you want the Swiss Army knife approach to giving solutions:

Reduce Re-work

Having various tools for online giving, mobile giving, text giving and more, means that your people have to enter their information various times, keep track of a variety of passwords and don’t have a singular place to see all of their giving information.

Eliminate Data Silos

Processing gifts on the backend with a mix of tools can be complicated for your staff. Reconciliations are a big enough pain, keeping track of when each service takes transaction fees, the schedule of processing and so forth. One tool will make processing transactions much more simple for your staff.

Enable Follow-up

When people make a gift, they need a receipt confirmation, and it’s always a good practice to saying thank you. In addition, someone’s giving patterns are a good measurement of their spiritual growth, their level of connection to your church, and their financial well-being. Having insight into individual giving patterns gives you the ability to reach out to someone who may be in a difficult season to make sure they are loved and cared for.

Reduce Barriers

One of the biggest reasons online and mobile giving makes such a huge impact is that it’s how people pay for things today. Hardly anyone carries cash with them — cash gifts account for less than 5% of offerings at most churches — and very few people bring their checkbooks with them to church.

At aware3, we see that having a singular giving solution for giving is a huge win for you as a church leader and for your congregation as they give to the mission of the church. That has guided what we’ve built.  Here are a few highlights:

  • Mobile Giving – Giving in your customized app on iPhone, iPad, android phones, windows based phones, and tablets
  • Simplified access – Using a simple 4 digit pin and secure technology, engage without taking redundant steps no matter if they give on-line, by text, or in the app.
  • Smart Mobile Forms – Payments are now easy to process on elegant forms, even using your phone without scrolling and pinching.
  • Text-to-Give – We make giving as easy as asking someone to pick up milk on the way home with text enabled giving.
  • Auto Fill Forms – Smart forms that are auto-populated with your information, saving time and effort.
  • Campaigns –  Raise funds for missions, projects and developments
  • Smart Web Giving – Seamless giving embedded on your website in a few simple steps.
  • Streamlined Management – All your giving happens with one tool.

Find out more about our giving tools: