Partner Spotlight: New Life Christian Church

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Meet our friends at New Life Christian Church

As you can see from the video, New Life is a fun place. This fantastic church has three campuses and is located about an hour outside of Washington DC. Two of New Life’s campuses are physical and the third is an online campus. This unique configuration means that New Life has had to be creative and willing to take some risks to reach their community. Here are a few things about the type of community that New Life is trying to build:

  • A Community of Safety: Safe for your family, safe for your questions, safe for you, no matter your history.
  • A Community of Risk: When you are safe, then you can dream big dreams and step out in faith
  • A Community of Honor: They honor God by valuing his beloved people, all of them
  • A Community of Journey: The faith journey is about stringing one step after another in the direction of the Father
  • A Community of fun: They take God seriously, but don’t take themselves too seriously. God has a sense of humor and so should we!

This is a church that has a clear picture of who they are, who they are trying to reach and what is important to them. Having a large portion of their church engaging with them online, they knew that they needed an effective strategy to provide all aspects of church life in a digital format. Partnering with aware3 was part of how they were going to accomplish this goal.

Since launching their mobile app, New Life has had over 2300 downloads. From all of those downloads, they have had almost 58,000 individual sessions. Each time someone opens their app and engages with their church, it is counted as a session. That means that on average, for every person that downloaded their app, they have engaged with their church 25 times.

Their app has tons of features, but there are three ways that people are using the app that stands out. The most used features in their app are Watch Live, Sermon Archive, and The Bible. Based on the goal they had of supporting an online faith community, this is what you would hope for. Here is a bit about each feature:

Watch Live

Using this feature you can engage in the full worship experience, in real time. Additionally, you can chat with others watching along with you, request prayer, and even invite others to future live streaming events.

Sermon Archive

This feature allows you to revisit sermons that have been impactful to you. In fact, you can go all the way back to sermons from November of 2011. It’s also a great way to catch up on a week that you missed.


They are using the Bible feature in a few cool ways. In addition to having a digital Bible that you can use during service or for quiet times, they also provide a variety of reading plans that help guide you through scripture. For the summer, they have launched a church-wide reading plan called WORDUP. This daily reading plan helps New Lifers to read through the New Testament together during the summer months. You can even sign up for daily reminders via twitter to help you keep up.

New Life is a fantastic church that is tirelessly looking for ways to deepen people’s engagement with the things of God. We are thankful to partner with them and support their mission by providing a mobile platform for discipleship.

How are you using technology to make disciples and grow engagement?