7 Ways to Use Technology for Discipleship

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There are a few things, that almost no matter what you add them to make it better. If something needs fixed, there is a 95% chance that duct tape plays a role in repairing it. In fact, I don’t think you will find a MacGyver episode that doesn’t include duct tape. Likewise, if you are cooking almost anything, adding bacon or garlic will make it that much better. There are some obvious exceptions, but come on, bacon makes almost everything better. Trust me.

By finding new and creative ways of using things like duct tape, we have enhanced our lives in new ways… okay, so that may be a stretch…

But you can say that about technology. It wasn’t that long ago that churches were wondering if there was really a good reason to develop a website. Now, most church plants have a website before they have their first service. What a huge swing in a few years! The current frontier in church technology is how to leverage the available tools to make disciples. Here are a few ways that you can extend your reach and deepen engagement with technology:

Augment the real world with digital

Use technology to enhance an in-person experience. People are used to checking their phones every few minutes. Instead of giving them a raised eyebrow, why not embrace it? Move your sermon notes online. Make them interactive. Use Live Polling to create in-person engagement and interaction.

Fit into a busy world

If you are a soccer parent, you have likely run into the rain out. It seems like they love to reschedule those games for Sunday morning. Now, use live streaming while your kids are warming up to plug into your church service live.

Make connecting easy

Use text messaging to connect with the people in your small group, volunteer team or any other group that you create using intuitive tools.

Follow up has never been easier

Engage with first-time visitors with a digital connect card, and then send them a thank you for visiting text. And now that they downloaded your app, follow up with a personalized email a few days later inviting them to your next social event.

Location, Location, Location

Use the power of GPS to do simple but powerful things. Do you have a partnership with a local school? Trigger a geo-location push notification every time someone with your app drives by the school reminding them to pray for the young people and families you are reaching out to. Or remind people that it’s canned good Sunday for the food drive when they pull into the local grocery store.

Stay Social

People spend a lot of time on social media. In fact, most Americans check Facebook an average of 14 times a day. Connect your social media into your mobile app, allowing people to engage with you where they are already interacting with the people in their lives. This allows them to share the sermon that made an impact on them via twitter or post the link of the worship team’s new song to their Facebook page.

Respond in the moment

Life happens and none of us can do it on our own. Using real-time response tools like our Urgent Requests feature, people can share urgent needs and ministry opportunities with the right person. This allows the church to respond quickly. For example, if you become aware of a family in need of food support, you can share that need with the church using Urgent Requests, and the information goes directly to the person in charge of the church’s Mercy Ministry.

How have you used technology to improve your church’s disciple making efforts?