A New Way to Create Engagement: Live Polling

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I know what you’re thinking, and no we are not releasing a timely feature for churches to engage in the countless political polls that dominate our news cycle! That is not the heart behind our newest feature. The core of Live Polling is engagement.

In an increasing technology forward culture, people are used to being on their phones and engaging the world around them using their phones. Don’t believe me? Since its release on July 6, 2016 and the release of THIS post by CNET, as many as 15 million people are playing Pokemon Go. Let me be clear: on July 5th they had 0 users, and by the 13th (8 days later) they had become  more popular than facebook.

Needless to say, digital engagement isn’t a fad. So if your church isn’t going to sponsor a Pokestop, then how can you take advantage of the cultural trend for people to use their mobile devices to enhance their engagement with the real world?

Clever, but we have another idea for you…

Live Polling

Live Polling lets everyone using your app vote anonymously on polls with instant real-time results in the app, or you can display them on a screen for all to see in a service. This feature also allows people to vote only once on each poll. You can use this new feature to ask fun trivia questions, to find out what people really care about, or allow them to influence decisions. It’s a fantastic way to keep people engaged.

Here’s a few creative ways to use it:

If you are an existing partner, Live Polls is now live within your portal. You can find out more about launching your first Live Poll HERE.

If you are not currently using aware3, we would love to talk with you about how we can help you use technology to grow engagement in your church.