Synchronicity: Our newest feature: Profile Sync

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Somethings just go together. Fish and Chips. Thunder and Lightning. Macaroni and Cheese. Salt and Pepper (or for that matter Salt n Pepa)…

In each of these cases, one of the things is good, but the combination is more than the sum of its parts. Be honest, you know who Salt n Pepa are, but I doubt you know Cheryl James or Sandra Denton and or Deidra Roper. That’s because they are better together.

Our newest feature is the same way. There are many church partners who use Church Community Builder. The reason is they are flat out fantastic. It is one of the best software tools that churches can use to manage the complexity of church and make disciples. What you may or may not know is that aware3 has the most integrations to Church Community Builder of any mobile platform on the market.

We have a similar DNA. At our cores, both of us are focused on helping churches extend their reach and make disciples. That’s one of the many reasons we just released Profile Sync.

Here is how it works:

Key Integrations:


Use online, mobile, text-to-give and in-app giving with all the key information syncing into Church Community Builder.


Allow people to access all the events in your church in one easy location and even easily add events to their personal calendars on their devices.

Small Group Finder

Find a group and make engaging easy with email integration, and all the information in one easy to use location.

And NOW…

Profile Sync

Allow people to create personal profiles through actions like giving and keep their information up to date easily on their phones. And the best part? All that info transfers into your Church Community Builder Database!

If you are interested in finding out how to get more from our integrations with CCB, connect with our team at

If you are looking for a way to leverage mobile technology to extend your reach and grow engagement, we would love to talk to you.