5 Questions to ask yourself before building a church app

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Selecting technology can be a confusing and difficult process. And, if you don’t do it well, then not only are you wasting your time, but you are also wasting the church’s money. In a recent podcast from Rich Rich, he shares 5 great questions that each church should consider before launching a mobile app. To listen to the podcast or read the full blog, check out Rich’s site Unseminary.

Here’s an overview of the key questions:

How will this tool encourage generosity?

How will this tool encourage generosity? Giving is an essential element of any church. The way that your church talks about and engages people in giving can deeply impact people’s connection to your community. more on that…

What can this app do to help build community?

We live in a world where people most often engage digitally before they engage in person. In a recent study, respondents interacted digitally 17 times for each in-person interaction. more on that…

In what ways can this app leverage existing media assets?

Most churches have a ton of media files, blogs, videos and other assets. Your mobile app should give you a way to use these forms of media to build engagement with your people.

What can you do in-service to drive adoption?

Have you seen all the kids walking through the streets glued to heir phones? I’m not sure what a PokeStop is, but it’s pretty important. Your app should enhance real life interactions. more on that…

How does this tool connect with your existing systems?

Unless you are a new church plant, you have other resources and tools. Before you pull the trigger on an app, find out how it connect and adds value to your current tools. more on that…

In addition to these great questions, here are a couple of key thoughts to keep in mind when deciding on technology:

Identify the win

When looking at new technology, prior to starting the search, identify what you are hoping to improve. This will help you create a clear picture of what the ‘big win’ is that you are hoping for.

Have the right people around the table

Who will be impacted by the change? By having the right people in the discussion, you can build momentum and identify any issues before they become a problem.

Look around

There’s more than one way to skin a cat. (Sorry, I don’t like cats). For any technology, there are multiple tools or ways to address the problems. Take your time to find the one that is a good for your needs and your church.

Reinforce it

Selecting the tech is only the beginning. Leading a church through successful integration usually means that senior leadership is brought into the new way of doing things, and that the new technology is reinforced over time.

What process do you use when selecting a new technology for your church?