Make Christmas Easier with aware3

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Every year it seems to creep up a bit earlier. You turn your back for one second and there is it, right on top of you. It’s time for a for a wake-up call America! We have a very serious problem that, if not addressed, will soon be a full-on crisis. I call it the slippery slope of Christmas.  If we don’t take immediate measures, before we know it, the big box stores will be setting up their Christmas displays before they even put away the fireworks from the 4th of July. And, it’s not just there – radio stations have started switching to an all-Christmas music format as early as November 1st. While I’m hanging up my Halloween costume, ‘Holly Jolly Christmas’ is playing on the airwaves.  If we stand together, we can hold the line on no Christmas decorations, music or paraphernalia until after Thanksgiving.

While I have very clear boundaries on Christmas decorations, as a church leader, I hope you have been preparing for and thinking about Christmas for a while now. A while ago, we posted a blog Easter is our Super Bowl. While I stand by that statement, Christmas is more like March Madness. There are a thousand moving parts, it’s a major production and before its all over, you are exhausted. At aware3 we have a few tips on how you can use technology to make Christmas more impactful and less exhausting.

Advent devotional

Christmas is a season of anticipation. One way to engage your community and prepare their hearts for the birth of Jesus is to create a weekly advent reading using your aware3 mobile app. Each week you can send a push notification to people with your app that links to the weekly reading, family discussion questions and a challenge to live beyond ourselves in the weeks leading up to Christmas

Communicate with your volunteers

Using the communications tools within your aware3 portal, share all the information that your volunteers need to be prepared. Using the tagging feature, your can create groups of people that receive the information that is targeted to them based on the ways that they are engaged.

Support those in need

Using the aware3 Campaign’s feature, you can mobilize people’s generosity to serve your community during Christmas. You can use this tool to support single parents during Christmas, provide the resources to host a Christmas meal for those that are hungry or any other project that you can dream up. Launching a campaign takes just 4 easy steps:
1.    Create a Campaign in the aware3 Portal
2.    Share your project with people in your community
3.    Enable people to give through the aware3 app
4.    Use aware3’s many other tools to follow up and engage with donors

Invite others and follow-up

Each Christmas we see a surge in attendance. People that come inconsistently, Christmas and Easter only folks and lots of first-time visitors show up for Christmas service. Use the social media and other communication tools to invite your neighbors and friends to join you on Christmas Eve. Then, let them know that their visit mattered enough to you to take note of it and reach out as a result. We all want to be noticed in a positive way. A great new way to do this is by using our new Outbound Text Messages.

Digital Giving Tree

Aware3 launched a tool called Real-Time Alerts that makes it easy for you and your church to respond to needs as they are uncovered. Every Christmas, we find families that are facing hard times, struggling to give their kids gifts or even having a hard time putting a Christmas meal on the table. Using Real-Time Alerts, you can share the needs with the church and meet them in surprising ways.

Make Giving Simple

Christmas is often the largest giving season of the year for churches. One of the most common reasons people don’t give using their mobile devices is that they have never been asked. With tools like integrated online giving, text-to-give and mobile app giving, you can make donating painless for people looking to engage.

How are you using technology this Christmas?