Reacting in Real Time

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What a whirlwind of year it has been. 2016 brought new challenges, great triumphs and examples of the impossible becoming possible in the United States and around the world. Between all forms of media, print, tv, social media, etc., it only takes the click of a mouse or change of a channel to be overwhelmed with all forms of news. When we have this information overload, there’s little space to soak in what’s actually being presented to us. We may hear a tragic or joyful story, but by the time we comprehend the details, there’s already another headline. With all this increased information, we can sometimes lose touch with the things that are happening right around us. When there is a story that affects my community personally, my friends, family and church, my interest is piqued. The challenge is how can this localized information break through the flood of other stories flowing in from all over the world?

It’s very personal when news breaks in my community. I’ll talk about it with my wife and coworkers, and follow the story with every update. Interestingly enough, in the place where community is the strongest, we will pray about a news story or current event in church but nothing more.

What if there was a way for churches to react in real time to the needs of people experiencing the turmoil and fallout out of a tragic event in your community? Something we strongly value at aware3 is that church is not a spectator sport. It’s our job to engage the community and rally around their needs, all while forming and strengthening relationships. Is it possible to be in the trenches and engage with people? Yes, it absolutely is.

Real needs, Real solution

With aware3 technology it is possible to mobilize the power of your faith community to meet the needs of those that are struggling or facing adversity.

Instant Response: Using the campaign feature within the aware3 platform, your church can gather the resources and volunteers needed to respond to tragedy in a moments notice.
If a family in your community loses their house to a fire, push a message to people with your app, asking them to respond to the needs of the family. Launch a campaign to raise funds needed to buy replacement items and mobilize volunteers to provide meals, pray for them and cover other needs as they arise.

Keep your finger on the pulse: Our software enables you, in real time, to cast a poll in your service or in a student environment and ask people in a private and safe way how they are doing. About 80% of people respond truthfully to polls, so the opportunity to engage is high. In times of joy and in times of loss, pain or confusion, it’s incredibly empowering and comforting for someone to know they aren’t alone. Results of a poll are sent straight to leaders in real time, giving you the power to share them right there in that moment, providing a sense of peace to people they wouldn’t have had previously. With these poll results in hand, you can respond to the needs and concerns that are surfaced.

Right Time, Right Place: Location is also a powerful tool. Aware3 is capable of helping your church acknowledge the events that are happening in your community just by their location. Sending a simple push notification when someone walks in the door of your church is powerful. This is possible by setting the notification to send based on someone’s location, so when they walk in the door of your church it’ll send right to their phone. It lets people know that they are noticed, that you know they are here and that they matter.

It’s always difficult to know how to react when news is unfolding right in your backyard. I am thankful that as The Church, we are here to not just comfort and support, but to provide a true hope during tough times. By communicating with frequent and meaningful interaction, communities become closer and churches become stronger

How have you shown your church and the community that you care during a tough time?