Get More Out of Sermon Notes

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Our world is loud, chaotic and overwhelming with information. Whether in the church office, through the radio, music or conversations with friends, we’re almost constantly ingesting audible information. When the beginning of a new week rolls around and we arrive at church and settle into our seat for a sermon, we try to silence the noise and prepare ourselves to hear something different than what our society has been saying all week—God’s living, active Word.

Good biblical teaching is more than just inspiring. It has the power to change hearts and lives! Many people take notes on the Sunday morning message and find them a great way to stay engaged. Also, sermon notes provide a vehicle for reflection later in the week to revisit the message and discuss with others.

Does your church provide structured sermon notes on Sunday morning? If so, you are helping equip your flock by empowering them to share your message and ponder it during the week, as well as have the notes to look back on for years to come. There’s nothing like putting pen to paper and writing down Biblical truth from your pastor’s sermon.

What if people were able to access the sermon outline in a different medium besides on paper? Pen and paper will never be replaced, and you’ll always have people who won’t let go of that medium, but it is possible to go digital with your sermon notes. Think about this way. You have some people who are your digital natives, using only an app for a Bible and the generic notes app on their phone. Then there are people who use a combo, using either the digital version of the Bible and pen and paper for notes or a book version of the Bible and digital notes. Lastly, people can fall in the category as described above, with both a book version of the Bible and paper notebook. Since it’s 2017, most people in your congregation will fall in the digital natives category or in the combo category.

With this in mind, there is great value in providing sermon notes in digital format. The bulk of your congregation will use them, right in the palm of their hands. Thinking beyond the fact that having digital sermon notes will free up bulletin space and create less paper costs, from a strategic standpoint sermon notes have the potential to be transformed and syndicated to your congregation beyond just a piece of paper on Sunday morning.

A digital sermon notes feature has proved to be an invaluable tool that reaches far beyond the name. Here are a few ways that utilizing sermon notes in a digital format can go beyond Sunday morning.

Small group lesson notes

Provide another interactive experience for users, allowing them to fill in responses inside of the app and take lessons with them on the go.

Bulletin Content Highlights

Instead of large blocks of text, breakdown key takeaways and help members to easily follow along on their device.


Cut down printing and consider skipping the PDF – pop the same content into the feature. Provide users with a beautiful mobile responsive experience.


Include scripture of devotionals, so the verses are right in their pocket and available to email and reference later.

Events and Announcements

Have a set of events or announcements you would want to share with your members? Place them in the dedicated Notes feature to grab their attention.

Taking sermon notes isn’t a revolutionary concept. We take notes all the time in class or in an important meeting. As times have changed so has the medium in which we have the opportunity to take down important topics. Just as the world around us is changing all the time and things are being transformed into having multipurpose functions, we can also do this with the resources that are used to spread the Gospel.