It’s Time For An Upgrade

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Creating a vibrant, growing and relevant church is an adventure. As soon as you get things running smoothly … just kidding. It never completely runs smoothly. That’s just how ministry is. You can’t wind it up and let it go. You must be vigilant about staying fresh and current. It’s a constant process of refinement, upgrading and improvements. If not, we get complacent and stale.

If you’re thinking about upgrading just one thing in your church, investing in technology is always the right decision. Even though the technology landscape is a rapidly changing marketplace, this also means that new ideas are being created to help you make your resources go further and stay relevant longer.

We’ve put together a list of features your technology should be offering that will help you stay relevant, efficient and ahead of the curve. If you’re not getting the following benefits from your technology, then it might be time to upgrade.

Integrations & Media

Does your technology integrate with other production, productivity, databases or time-saving tools? Resources like Church Community Builder have the potential to integrate into software that will streamline your workflow and change your organization game. Integrations allow connectivity with profiles, forms groups, and calendars, all features you already use in a fragmented way. Newer technology allows all of these things to live in one place and work together.

The ability to listen to sermons on the go is becoming common practice (on phones and desktop). Whether it’s listening to a sermon from a local church or a church far away, the ability to connect through video sermons and podcast is invaluable. The ability to plug into the iTunes podcast feed and audio systems is crucial for your sermons to stay up to date with the current week. Also, an integration into Vimeo and YouTube for video content is imperative. Apps that feature integrations can pull in content like videos, albums, playlists, channels and provide a user-friendly medium.

General Ministry

Upgrading your pen and paper to a screen and a keyboard adds flexibility to your on the go day. A digital calendar on your phone in a mobile app can pull events from any calendar. Also, interactive notes provide an experience for users versus just using a notebook. And, what about bulletins? You print them, use them on Sunday and then see them in the trash. Try updating bulletins to a digital version on a phone. Your most important events, headlines, and connections points are available all week.

Children’s ministry can stop distributing those stickers to parents by using a child check-in that replaces physical cards with generated QR codes on a mobile device. Is your church staff meeting for lunch off site? Interactive locations and maps can provide directions using Google Maps in seconds without fiddling through multiple group text messages. What to know the opinion of your congregation during the sermon (yes, it’s possible!)? Instead of publicly asking people to raise their hands, use live polling, a way to pose a question to your congregation and receive real-time results. Also, with upgrade technology asking someone to check-in on their mobile device helps to track attendance for services and events. Members may input their info, take a photo, comment, and check-in. Lastly, how many group texts and Facebook groups exist for your church’s ministries? Look for an integrated chat feature that is a live two-way discussion board for ministries and groups to communicate in real-time with their mobile device in one place.


Giving campaigns have taken many forms over the years – from commitment cards to giving sermons, it’s an exhausting task to logistically and creatively implement a giving campaign. But with newer technology, your next giving campaign can look appealing, creative and capture the narrative of your church with its own page that creates more context around your goals and share your story.

These integrated features and general ministry tools have the ability to point people to the vision and mission of your church through easy to use mediums. If you’d like to learn more about how any of the features above can be solutions for your organization schedule a demo now.