4 Ways To Communicate Differently On Easter

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Are you ready for Easter this Sunday? And we’re not just talking about being ready to eat some chocolate bunnies and see if you can find the golden egg this year. Easter gives us the opportunity to treat Sunday a little different. Every Sunday is important, but it’s not every week that your church’s community connects with so many people who may not normally come to church.

With a wider audience in attendance on Easter, the execution of the service and other ministries is imperative. For many families, Easter and Christmas time are the two Sundays of the year when they find themselves at your church. So how are you going to connect with this audience effectively? We have some ideas that might help.


Most churches establish a rhythm. A few songs, announcements, bible reading, sermon and more songs. Easter may be a time to shake it up a bit. Is it time to try out Live Polling in your service or digital sermon notes? How about using and creating dynamic slides in ProPresenter.

Many church goers tend to travel this season and may miss the service, but setting up a stream of your Sunday service could be a great first step in reaching more people in your community. Try using LiveStream or Facebook Live to stream your Easter services. For Facebook Live, all you need is a Facebook page. Bring the Easter experience to your audience wherever they are.


There is so much planning that goes into this one weekend. Everything from establishing the audio in the soundboard to coordinating the extra volunteers. Ensure that you have enough extra batteries, cables for sound, backup bulbs and even a backup volunteer in case someone gets sick. A great plan does not mean mistakes or problems will not arise, but it does mean that they will be minimized.

As great as It is good to have a plan, go through the actual service by practicing the service run down, including the sermon. Some of this is to simply work out the bugs that you may not have foreseen and some of it is to get the church tech team on the same page as the worship team and the pastor. This practicing will instill confidence in your team and make the process become natural for everyone involved.

And as much as we love technology in the church and using it for Sunday, it’s ok to say: “Technology is a tool for worship and when it stops helping, you should worship without it.” Technology may fail you, whether a computer crashes before a service and you lose the whole presentation slides or your sound system makes an annoying squeak that you can’t diagnose. Do you know how you would bounce back from that? Great! But does your team know, too? Know the time to pull the plug for a smoother service execution.

Team Effort

Your regular attendees, volunteers and staff are crucial to executing a great Easter experience. People have been inviting friends, families, neighbors and co-workers in the weeks leading to Easter to attend. Focusing on giving guests the opportunity to celebrate Christ. This gives everyone on your team reason to be missional, joyful and welcoming. It only takes about 7 seconds for a guest to make their first impression of your church, so emphasize to your team the opportunity they have to make guests feel welcome as quickly as possible.

If you do a great job of communicating the heart of the Gospel and the vision of your church, why not continue this message beyond Sunday? Have guests download your app while in service. This gives you an easy way to connect with them in the days and weeks to come. If you have a blog, website and strong social media presence, point guests to it to help them stay engaged and updated with you after the Easter season.


Don’t lose sight of the power of prayer. Pray that the visitors might experience the goodness of God that is part of your life. Pray for the pastors and other churches in your area as they deliver the Word. Finally, pray for your tech crew as they continue to do their best to serve the church and to know that they are spreading the Gospel through their part of the ministry.

Everyone has a role in executing the Easter experience at your church this Sunday. While keeping the above points in mind, it’s not about perfection. Doing your best and allowing the spirit to work through your sermon, staff, and volunteers to communicate the love of Christ is what it’s all about.

What is a word of encouragement or tip you can share with your staff about executing an Easter celebration?