Release Notes: April 2017

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Notable features from this month’s series of releases:

  • The portal can now use both iTunes podcast URLs and standard (RSS feed-based) podcast URLs, allowing any non-iTunes podcast to automatically be pulled into iOS & Android (∞ All Versions).
  • iOS & Android both received a new custom video capability, and the portal now has the capability to handle very custom series and the graphics that go along with them (23.0.0).

Notable bug fixes, performance enhancements and updates:

  • The campaign interface could try and load in a new browser window when not necessary (AMP-1970).
  • Long-running (multiple-year) campaigns are more accurately reflected; the end date now shows the year in addition to month and day (AMP-1972).
  • The ability to hide the date from in-app video pages now properly hides all dates, including detail pages (AMP-1978).
  • Existing ID card scanning was unavailable for some Android devices (AMP-1947, 22.11.0).
  • During the creation of profiles into an associated ChMS was occasionally failing and notifying the administrator of the “new” empty record (AMP-1948).
  • The iOS calendar detail page now formats the location more beautifully if the location text is long (AMP-1944, 22.11.0).
  • Video dates weren’t being hidden on video all detail pages when they should have been – they’re more shy now (AMP-1978, 23.3.0).
  • Pending (scheduled) series gifts are now hidden from reconciliation until the first gift processes (AMP-1986, 23.3.6).