The Power of Custom Video to Captivate Your Congregation

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What was the last video you watched? Whether it was a movie trailer or an ad chances are you probably watched it on your mobile device. More than half of YouTube views come from mobile devices, after all.

The reason video is so popular is because it communicates stories so well. There is a reason that Jesus so often used stories to make his point. Making your point through story creates a memorable, relatable and engaging experience. Instead of telling your congregation, show them. According to a recent statistic, the information retained in one minute of video is equal to about 1.8 million written words. How about using videos in one of the following ways:

  • Video announcements
  • Videos of baptisms,
  • Mission project updates
  • Stories of changed lives
  • Staff bios
  • Trailers for a sermon series
  • Church ads about upcoming events

Creating compelling video content can be a lot of work, especially if people only can see the finished product on Sunday mornings. Now, with our Custom video feature, you can put real-time access to your best video content in the palm of people’s hand. Making it accessible throughout the week allows people to watch on their own time.

Our Custom Video Feature lets you choose which videos your church shares and how to share them. Key benefits include:

  • Organization by series (e.g. sermons, welcome videos, or campuses.)
  • Custom graphics for each video and series
  • Integration with Vimeo and/or YouTube
  • Prominent “Share” link for users to share video from their mobile phone

Best of all, it all happens from within the walls of your church-branded mobile app. We believe your mobile app should serve as the one-stop-shop for everything your congregation needs to engage on Sunday and beyond.

Utilizing video in your church and pairing it with the accessibility of a mobile app can empower your congregation to watch, share and be impacted by the church all week long.