Release Notes: July 2017

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Notable features from this month’s series of releases:

  • Funds are now displayed on the Reconciliation report (AMP-2100, ∞ All Versions).
  • In-app Notifications view now has a beautiful new look as well as a side menu icon (AMP-2085, 24.5.0).
  • Text Engagement now responds to “hi”, “hello” or “profile” for members to directly edit their profile via Text (AMP-2104, ∞ All Versions).
  • The maximum on Text to Act items has been increased to 250 for everyone (AMP-2141, ∞ All Versions).
  • PowerChurch financial import format now supported for Transactions export (AMP-2084, ∞ All Versions).
  • Reconciliation now provides a quick view of any day with totals by type and fund (AMP-2125, ∞ All Versions).
  • People and Transactions can now be exported limited to the currently-filtered list (AMP-2140, ∞ All Versions).

Notable bug fixes, performance enhancements and updates:

  • Mosaic tile interface is now snappier to respond (AMP-2083, 24.4.0).
  • If a profile is added with identical information in two aware3 apps on the same device, only the latest was remembered (AMP-2092, ∞ All Versions).
  • iOS podcasts were playing out-of-order for some devices when on LTE (AMP-2095, 24.4.0).
  • Additional fields are now exported in a full Transactions export (AMP-2099, ∞ All Versions).
  • Better support for mass imports of People when created on a Mac (AMP-2108, ∞ All Versions).
  • Trial customers will now see the number of months free in their Account view (AMP-2120, ∞ All Versions).
  • Fund order is now changeable for admins (AMP-2131, ∞ All Versions).
  • When receiving a content-targeted push, if you’re already in-app on that feature, the app will no longer crash (AMP-2134, 24.8.0).
  • Each Person in the system can now have a custom ID added to their record (AMP-2139, ∞ All Versions).