Are You Choosing Your Tech Based On The Future?

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You might not know this, but the future is looking pretty boring. Well, according to Elon Musk, that is. Among Musk’s many entrepreneurial pursuits (SpaceX, Tesla, Hyperloop, etc.) is The Boring Company, which is tasked with boring into the ground to create tunnels for cars to travel in. These tunnels will create alternate routes to traditional roadways, and the tunnels aim to solve a problem that we all suffer through: soul-destroying traffic. Musk’s goal is to dig fast, at a low monetary and disruptive cost to consumers. Don’t you wish you could have told yourself this was possible in previous decades??

One of the many reasons why Elon Musk is a brilliant and valuable leader is because he doesn’t assume that the future in inevitable. Technology and society only improve if a lot of people work really hard to make it better. In his own words, Musk describes his work:

I honestly just want to think about the future and not be sad.

Technology and the work around it isn’t something to take for granted, although it can be easy to do because there are so many entrepreneurs, start-ups, engineers, and visionary thinkers working in this space. What Musk understands is if you design one piece of prosperous technology that has the potential to change society, you also need to be the person that solves the problems that the first piece of technology will inevitably create.

For example, by creating self driving cars with Tesla, more cars will be on the roads. With more cars on the road, there will be even more traffic, congestion, and frustration from the general public. But, Musk has already anticipated this by creating The Boring Company. If there is more congestion on the roads, cars need somewhere else to go, and the safest and most cost effective place for them to go is underground.

Musk is able to see where society currently is, create new solutions to solve current problems, and take it a step further and anticipate a solution for where society is headed next. He makes calculated, thoughtful decisions that are true to his vision for the future.

So, what does this mean for you? A church trying to engage their community to grow together and become disciples for Christ? Well, it means you first need to think about your vision, goals, and values, and what you anticipate those to be in the 10 years. Then, evaluate what solutions currently exist to help your congregation engage with the church in a new, innovative way.

If you are going to take the time to evaluate your church’s goals and thoughtfully integrate technology solutions, you want to partner with an organization that also does the same. Look for a company that has concrete values, and sticks to them when they make important decisions, and is always looking for new solutions to help you grow through member engagement.

Values Matter

At aware3, our values are why we do what we do. We help churches grow by making it easy for the church to communicate with its members, and for its members to communicate with each other. Core to our strategy is a church-branded mobile app built for the church body. It serves as the one-stop-shop for members and guests to check-in to events, join a small group, watch a sermon, chat with their small group, give, and much more. Our passion is to help the Church grow through innovative mobile-led solutions. Together we are changing the church experience from “sit back and relax” to “lean forward and engage.” Our core beliefs that church is more than a building, church is better together, and church is not a spectator sport drive where we are headed as a company and the strategic solutions we build.

Always Improving

Thinking toward the future is the only way we know how to think. With our mobile apps, we publish new enhancements, modifications, and features each week. There are also release notes available every month if you want to learn more about the technical upgrades we are making to make your life easier. We take the time to assess the current mobile technology landscape and create features that give us framework to develop and sustain them in the future. Geo Targeted notifications (want to send a notification to someone when they are at your church or at the store?), notification badges (want to notify your congregation of an event cancellation due to weather?), chat (want to connect easier with your small group or leadership team?), and text messaging capabilities (are you promoting an atmosphere of generosity that giving can happen anytime, anywhere via text?) are just some of the concepts we are always developing on and growing.

Embracing new technology requires uncomfortable change in the short term, but long term sustainable gains towards the future in the long run. If we don’t keep innovating and moving forward, we might forget how to. Technology created with a purpose can inspire humanity, connect us, and helps us grow. Embracing that the future is going to look different because of technology is a good thing, and I think Mr. Musk would agree, that’s a future we won’t be sad about.