A Mobile Friendly Website Isn’t Enough

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The rate of innovation in digital technology just might have something in common with the car industry. Besides the fact that cars will in fact be computers on wheels one day, the second you drive a new car off the lot of the dealership, it automatically depreciates in monetary value. A travesty to the buyer, but a truth that’s commonly known of the car buying process. At the time of purchase, the car the buyer selected was the biggest and baddest thing on the road, but if only for a fleeting moment. The buyer needs a new car, so it’s a significant and necessary purchase, but there may be a part that breaks down the road, a flat tire, and a newer model on the horizon that will make their life not only better, but continuing to change and improve with the society around them.

Similar to technology, isn’t it?

Making the leap to a fully responsive, and mobile friendly website is a big step. As the rate of people accessing the internet on their mobile phones increases, and passes the number of people using a desktop computer to access the internet, it’s a no brainer to be responsive and visible on the medium where your members, attenders, and visitors are most likely to access you. Half of the world’s population, over 3 billion people, is online, after all.

Just when you thought your church had caught up to the mobile and smart phone mania, there’s something new to learn. If you haven’t heard, a mobile friendly website isn’t enough anymore. It’s a good start, but it’s not enough to truly communicate and engage with your congregation anytime, anywhere.

A mobile website provides your church with a presence in the mobile space, not an experience that will continually keep your audience engaged. The experience users crave on their mobile devices can be found in an app.

Smartphone applications now account for half the time that U.S. users spend online, up from 41 percent back in July 2014, according to a new report from comScore. And, 89% of that time spent online on a mobile device is in a mobile app. When was the last time you opened Facebook in your browser on your phone? The reality is, you probably have no idea, because you always use the app. Take Instagram as another example. As they do have desktop and mobile browser websites, neither of these sites are as robust as the app. The Instagram app offers an experience, where users can post photos, use filters, discover new accounts, go live, and create stories.

Even though the apps mentioned above are part of the mainstream market, that doesn’t limit your opportunity as a church to create an app that is still high quality and engaging.

A Branded Mobile App

A branded mobile app can be the one-stop-shop for your congregation to connect and engage with your church like never before. This is your mobile app, made for your church body. You have complete control of the look and feel, available features, push messaging, and much more. The experience your congregation is already accustomed to on mobile is something you can actually offer them.

Connection, Communication, and Generosity

An app is only effective if it offers features that your congregation and your church leadership will both find valuable. At aware3, we curate our features based on three categories: connection, communication, and generosity. Features such as chat, text engagement, and live polling provide a connection between you and your congregation, any time. Push notifications with geo-targeting capabilities, campaigns, custom video, and audio features provide avenues to communicate with your audience, in real time. From posting this past week’s sermon, to coordinating a service project, or creating a capital campaign, you can communicate important information, easily and quickly. And, with universal giving, all of your online giving needs under one roof. This is a secure and innovative approach that allows people to give anytime, anywhere.

No matter what you need to do on your phone, there’s an app for that. Mobile engagement isn’t going to go away anytime soon. It’s how people consume content, make decisions, learn, and make purchase or generosity decisions. Take the next step today and see what exciting experiences and opportunities a mobile app can offer for your church.