Release Notes: August 2017

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A note from Joe: I realize it’s not winter. Or Fall. It’s been unseasonably cool here in Missouri this August and I love canoeing, so a winter picture came early this year.

Notable features from this month’s series of releases:

  • Planning Center People now sync with your in-app member profile information. As members add and update their info in-app, it will automatically sync to PCO (AMP-2097, ∞ All Versions).
  • Forms listing, editing and rendering major update (AMP-2164, ∞ All Versions).
    • Redesigned listing page with streamlined controls allowing users to hide and archive forms and copy form links easily.
    • Completely re-worked form editor, with consolidated controls and a more intuitive interface.
    • Quantities and receipts now attached to the read-only “view response”.
    • Improved how form payments are displayed on the results export CSV.
  • Check In has a variety of visual and functional updates, including custom check-in messaging, improved layout, images and more (AMP-2144, 24.11.0).
  • A new Info Pages feature allows setting up text-and-content-only features for things like announcements, bulletins and more (AMP-2129, 24.10.3).
  • The in-app Inbox now allows users to clear all messages or mark them as read at once. There’s now also a slick banner image at the top of the Inbox (AMP-2142, 24.10.0).

Notable bug fixes, performance enhancements and updates:

  • On some features with a loading indicator, the indicator would hang around too long (AMP-2161, 24.11.0).
  • YouVersion (the Bible app) will now open links directly in the Bible app (AMP-2173, 24.11.0).
  • Removed the all-too-often-inaccurate “slow connection” dialog from the app (AMP-2175, 24.12.0).
  • The Inbox unread indicator got a shiny new HD update (AMP-2176, 24.12.0).
  • Though only able to submit an in-app profile update one at a time, the button looked like it was still submitting. It doesn’t anymore (AMP-2163, 24.11.3).
  • If Chat was enabled when a member already had a profile in-app, the app would sometimes crash (AMP-2155, 24.10.1).
  • If more than one Give feature was inside an app, the 2+th (after the first) wasn’t rendering correctly (AMP-2166, ∞ All Versions).
  • Info Pages now clear their cache when saving the updated content, so you don’t have to wait an hour to see the changes (AMP-2159, ∞ All Versions).
  • The Custom ID associated with People now exports in the standard Transactions export, and is mapped to the PowerChurch export as well (AMP-2146 / AMP-2143, ∞ All Versions).
  • If more than one campus is available, the Give page now does not pre-select a fund (AMP-2148, ∞ All Versions).